Friday, 19 December 2008

Week Ending 19th December 2008

Talent Show

Christmas Parties

Friday, 12 December 2008

Week Ending 12th December 2008

On Monday and Tuesday, we held our "Mary's Knitting" Concert in the Hall. The children from the Nursery joined in with a rendition of "A Gift For The Baby Boy". Now that our Choir's performance and Concert are over, we are beginning to think of what we will do next year, to be a little bit different!

Also, thinking of next year, preparations are well under way for the planning of an allotment that the children will care for. The structure has been built, and plans have been made for the water butts. So far, the children want to grow marrows, pumpkins, potatoes and herbs! So look out you allotment holders, as we intend our veg will be outstanding - like the rest of our School!

Next week, we are having our School parties on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will have our Christmas lunch, served by Staff. Thursday is the day for our "Talent Show" and children are practicing their routines. On the last day of term, we are holding a "DVD Extravaganza". After all that, we will all be ready for our holiday.

All that remains for this year is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Eaton Bray Lower School.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Week Ending 5th December 2008

Our School looks extremely festive and bright, festoned with fairy lights, foil and fun!

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, our "Eaton Bray Lower School Simply Red Choir", sang their hearts out with great gusto. The Choir looked wonderful in their red and white choral outfits, (School colours, of course) made by one of our teaching assistants. Renditions ranged from traditional carols to a touch of jazz. Their props ranged from reindeer antlers to frosty snowmen, to saxaphones. A strong favourite seemed to be, "Shop Till You Drop", when the actions caused lots of laughter from the audience. Many parents commented on how lovely it was to have our own School Choir, unusual in a Lower School. Guests enjoyed jacket potatoes with scrumptious fillings and the hot dogs went down well with the children!

On Monday and Tuesday next week we hold our Concert staged by the younger children. Hopefully this will be enjoyed by all - we are awaiting the reaction to a wonderful set of animals - magical or what?!! Guests will be treated to mince pies and hot drinks.

This week has given us the opportunity for making calendars, cards and gifts, as our foundation topic for the afternoons has been design technology. Hopefully parents will love the gifts!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Week Ending 28th November 2008

Our School is beginning to look very festive. "Peter Pan" welcomes visitors at the main entrance, whilst "Tinkerbell" and her fairy friends are fluttering further along the entrance corridor. The main corridor has a range of boards portraying scenes from the fairy tale, ranging from a ferocious crocodile to night time scenes of moonbeams and magic!

As well as decorating the School main areas, we have worked hard on geography this week, using maps and globes to trace journeys for Barnaby Bear. Badgers have studied detailed maps on local routes, and worked out their own keys for specific features.

The next couple of weeks are going to be extremely busy, but hopefully great fun for us all! Key Stage Two children will perform as "EBLS Simply Red Choir" on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from six o'clock until seven o'clock. Food will be available at the interval. The following week, on the 8th and 9th, Key Stage One children will perform their Concert called "Mary's Knitting". It is a singing/dancing and acting bonanza, including a flock of sheep who provide the blanket that Mary is knitting for Baby Jesus.

On Saturday, we hold our "Christmas Fair", in the School, from twelve o'clock until two thirty. father Christmas is our very special visitor. Do come along if you feel like fun, food and festive feelings!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Week Ending 21st November 2008

On Tuesday, we welcomed lots of parents, at a Sharing Assembly in the Hall. Children from all the classes shared their acheivements - dancing, art, ICT, maths, English - and impressed everyone with amazing history research in their new homework books.

This week our favourite topic has been history. Badgers have investigated King Henry VIII, and their research culminated in wonderful "King"-shaped booklets, full of details about his six wives. Their ICT skills are amazing!

Rabbits and Squirrels investigated Louis Braille. Squirrels can now write their names in Braille, and even have a Squirrels welcome plaque, on the door, in a "dot" code. We were very fortunate to be able to use an old "Braille" machine, and pressed the metal keys, to form the holes on the paper. One of the favourite activities was going on a "blind" walk around the playground, with eyes shut, whilst holding on to a gigantic rope! ...whatever next?

Our Hall is looking festive, and preparations for Choir Evening are in their final stages. The Concert, called "Mary's Knitting", is going to be ready for dress rehearsal in a couple of weeks.

Switching on of our EBLS Christmas lights will be on 1st December, when our entrance will be turned into a fairy-tale scene from Peter Pan.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Week Ending 14th November 2008

We are busily decorating the Hall for Christmas - Sidney the Shepherd and his flock of happy sheep look wonderful! The children in Foundation and Key Stage One are well on their way to being word perfect, and nearly all the costumes and props are ready. Outfits for our "EBLS - Simply Red" Choir are almost complete - it's amazing what can be made from pillow cases!! Badgers are designing programmes and have made their own textile prints and batik designs for the table runners. We were delighted to welcome a visiting textile artist to enthuse our children.

Our focus this week has been on Art. The children have been looking at patterns and textures, amalgamating them into items for the corridor boards, which, this year, will be linked to our Milton Keynes Theatre trip to see the pantomime "Peter Pan". Look out for the crazy crocodile tick-tocking by Squirrels door!

Our next Sharing Assembly will be in the Hall on Tuesday.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Week Ending 7th November 2008

We have had a busy first week back after half term, showing more prospective parents around our lovely School.

Our focus this week has been Science. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been looking at plants growing in various locations in our School grounds - by the pond / on the field / in our individual gardens and by the Nature Trail. We have had fun discovering the best conditions for growing cress for sandwiches. Badgers have been investigating rocks and soils - our supply of filter papers has decreased dramatically! Strangely enough, no-one seems to want clay soil in their gardens.

The characters for our play - "Mary's Knitting" - have been cast, and costumes are being made. Every child in Foundation and Key Stage One will have a part. we have a sequence with "stars", a chorus of angels, and saluting soldiers on parade, whilst our Eaton Bray sheep provide wool for Mary to knit into a blanket for Baby Jesus.

Our Key Stage Two children are participants in Eaton Bray's Simply Red Choir. Each chorister will be wearing red and white choral outfits, and they sing a selection of songs. A DVD will be available next month. We hope parents and relations will join us for a Choral Evening, with delicious home cooked food and drinks. The children are making their own batik table cloths and candle holders. Hopefully the Hall will look festive!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Week Ending 24th October 2008

We have had an exciting final week at the end of the half term. Many prospective parents and children have had tours of the School and Nursery. On Tuesday, children shared their achievements, in the Hall, and the audience met chefs, garden designers and pop-up artists!

Thursday was a busy day, when a film crew visited and filmed peg-doll making and ICT multi-cultural work. Interviews were also recorded. In the evening, there was an antiques evening, which was well attended by parents, staff and villagers. the burning question is, "Who possessed the most valuable antique...?"

Friday was the most colourful day of the week, when children and staff came dressed in wonderful costumes, for Diwali Day. There was a range of costumes: flames, candles, monkeys, elephants, Ramas and Sitas, as well as traditional Indian costumes. The children participated in a whole-School Assembly, followed by a day of exciting activities, completed by candle-light and twinkling fairy-tree lights. There were food tasting sessions, Diwali card-making, hand painting, and puppet shows. A glittering finale to a busy, bustling half term!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Week Ending 17th October 2008

On Tuesday, the first Governors' meeting of our new academic year was held.

Thursday afternoon was very special for our Year Four children, who spent the afternoon at Middle School. The children returned laden with self-made pizzas for tea!

The foundation topic for the week has been design and technology. Badgers Class have been researching techniques for their "pop-up" books, which will be shared with the younger children in the School. Rabbits, Squirrels and Hedgehogs Classes have been creating salads; investigating raw and cooked fruits and vegetables and designing original sandwiches.

Now that our new shed is complete - looking more like a sea-side beach-hut - plans are being made for a sea-side area, complete with a stage for performances, by children and adults, at special School functions.

Next week is Antiques Evening in the School Hall on Thursday, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5. Please come along and bring an item that you would like to be valued, by a fine arts dealer, from the television programme "Flog It".


Friday, 10 October 2008

Week Ending 10th October 2008

Our formal Nursery opening on Saturday was a chance for everyone to get together for a delicious "Continental Brunch", followed by photo-shoots and live jazz entertainment. Visitors found the venue by following the "red balloon" trail, and many went home with one of the balloons, as a memento.

Religious Education has been our foundation subject this week. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been thinking of Special Occasions, especially Harvest around the World. Squirrels made mouth-watering "Super Soup", with lots of tasty vegetables, brought in from home, and it was voted the best soup ever. The whole School smelt of garlic, leeks and onions! To celebrate the Fruit Harvest, there were some "dancing pigs" made from apples and dried fruit.

Rabbits have been learning about Special Places, focusing on churches and mosques.

Badgers investigated Divali, and now have a lovely bright pink and black display, encompassing puppets from the "Rama and Sita" story, Divali greeting cards and clay divas.

Exciting things are happening around our grounds - a new bicycle "depot" is being built and a new storage area is being erected.

Our next special occasion is Divali Day on 24th October - many of us have already planned our costumes. Some ideas are traditional saris; "candle" outfits; elephant and monkey outfits; as well as rangoli patterned hands.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Week Ending 3rd October 2008

Our focus in school this week has been Geography. In Hedgehogs and Squirrels, Barnaby Bear has travelled to America, and discovered many new facts about the country and the people. They also tracked how Paddington Bear travelled from Peru to Eaton Bray Lower School, to have a teddy bear picnic with Barnaby Bear!

In Rabbits, Barnaby Bear has visited Nigeria and Ghana, travelled around Great Britain, as well as going all the way to China!

Badgers tracked the travels of their new "Bertie Badger" and made 3D globes, to show the route taken on Bertie's last holiday.

On Friday, we held "Jeans for Genes Day", and collected money for the charity.

The H.S.A. have a new, enormous committee, and they have already made plans for an antiques evening, disco, Christmas Fair, Easter Extravaganza and Summer Fair.

On Saturday 10.30-12.00, we are having a Pre-School Open Morning. Do come along, if you can, to see our latest displays.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Week Ending 22nd September 2008

This week our foundation focus has been Science. Badgers have been investigating materials and compliled a complicated chart on Excel. Rabbits have been learning about electricity and have made their own circuits.

Squirrels and Hedgehogs have been discovering the topic "Ourselves". In the corridor we have a lifelike, life sized Squirrel girl, who is complete with many body part labels!

On Tuesday we held our first Sharing Assembly this year. Children from each class celebrated their achievements, and many parents came to watch. We welcomed some Hamster children (from the pre-school) for the first time.

Tag rugby is continuing on a weekly basis, and Badgers are extremely interested, thanks to the enthusiasm of one of our Dads!

Our School is looking bright and welcoming, as the pupils and staff have all worked so hard, decorating rooms, corridors and Hall.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Week Ending 19th September 2008

This week Badgers have completed their second session of tag rugby - they are full of enthusiasm and some would like to be professionals!

Our foundation subject this week has been history. Badgers have been investigating the life of Henry VIII; Rabbits, Squirrels and Hedgehogs have been thinking of famous people, and in particular Mother Teresa. We wrote letters to her and posted them in our Eaton Bray Post Box. Here's hoping they arrive safely in Calcutta! One little girl dressed up as Mother Teresa, and played the part beautifully.

On Thursday evening, the HSA annual general meeting was held in the School Hall, with an amazing amount of parents attending. Hopefully we will have a well supported committee and we look forward to their next fundraising event - an antiques valuation evening - more details soon.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Week Ending 12th September 2008

We have had a week "Down Under!" Our focus throughout this week has been Aboriginal Art. The school has lots of artifacts on display - the favourite being a didgeridoo, decorated with kangaroos.

Badgers Class made and decorated their own didgeridoos, which will soon be on display in the main corridor. They worked to music, as they completed intricate patterns. We all wondered why their classroom tables were "legs up" in the afternoon, then we discovered they popped their cylinders over the legs to paint and decorate - ingenious!
Hedgehogs and Squirrels had fun with boomerangs, whilst Rabbits have been following signs and going on amazing journeys...

On Wednesday, Badgers had their first session of tag rugby, and amazingly, the weather stayed dry!

Friday afternoon means our first set of "Choices" for this term: Travel, Science, Indoor Gardening, Graphic Design and German.
Our new addition of the week is a smart new signpost - no excuses for getting lost now!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Week Ending 5th September 2008


Another new school year has begun. We are delighted to be back amongst familiar faces, and some new faces. Our new building is very busy and a hive of happy, bustling activity.

The playground shelter has been refurbished and looks so good, that it could have a "For Sale" sign! Each class voted for a colour for their outdoor door, so now we have a dazzling array of colour - golden yellow, bubblegum pink, turquoise blue and lovely lilac.

Next week our focus is Aboriginal Art throughout the school, so if you have any artifacts, please feel free to share them with us!

Choices will begin next Friday, including new topics.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Week Ending 11th July 2008

We had a fantastic Summer Fair! The weather, luckily, was on our side, and our fundraising total broke all previous records. Well done and many thanks to everyone who helped out.

We have released our colourful butterflies from Hedgehogs and Squirrels. They were reluctant to leave us and spent a long time on our fruit selection and body parts! Perhaps the attraction was the bright outfits and butterfly wings worn by many children.

On Saturday we participated in the Village Carnival. Our float was decorated in the theme of "Hansel and Gretel", and all the children in the School contributed by making cakes, chocolate chip cookies etc. Staff on board were gingerbread ladies, and the children all held "home made" lollipops - of course, being a Healthy School, we didn't even have a single nibble!!

Tuesday morning was very busy as Playgroup had an outing to visit their beautiful new Nursery where they had fun playing and eating a picnic. We also had the opportunity to welcome prospective children and their parents, who also had a guided tour of our School, organised by our very capable Year Fours.

Our last Sharing Assembly was on Tuesday, when many children shared their achievements.

Have a lovely Summer break. More news in September!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Week Ending 26th June 2008

Our new Nursery is finished! Hip, hip hooray!

It looks absolutely wonderful, and will be open for viewing on Saturday at the Summer Fair.

Please do come along on Saturday to sample a wonderful barbecue and desserts, as well as having fun on lots of stalls. It starts at 12 o'clock and ends at 2.30pm.

On Wednesday, we entertained some charming elderly people, in our hall. All the children joined in singing jolly action songs and several children played the piano. The finale was a song and dance routine from "High School Musical", which included several children whizzing along on a trolley, and performing amazing gymnastics. Our visitors enjoyed afternoon tea, with our Year Four children, who than acted as tour guides.

Hedgehogs and Squirrels are very excited because their first few butterflies are happily enjoying their sugary water and flying in their butterfly houses. We look forward to releasing them next week, when the children will dress in brightly coloured outfits, including butterfly wings and antennae.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Week Ending 20th June 2008

On Wednesday, Badgers went on an outing to Kempston Outdoors Centre, where they had a wonderfully adventurous day, attempting the "Climbing Wall", "Crate Building" and Archery.

There was a large audience in the hall, on Tuesday, for Sharing Time. Children from all classes participated, and showed us some lovely writing and creative work.

Rabbits have been closely studying our Nursery Building, as part of their art project on buildings. They needed lots of purple and green, when they came to the mixed media task.

Squirrels have been to Scutari Hospital, with Florence Nightingale. They enjoyed marching round as soldiers, which helped to set the scene for one of the lessons.

On Friday it was Shades Day, when the children wore a great variety of stylish and colourful sunglasses! Our special visitors were Valerie and Jenny, from The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, with Sheba the German Shepherd, and Ned, a black Labrador puppy.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Week Ending 12th June 2008

Rabbits Class went on a coach to London this week. Their destination was the Science Museum, where they enjoyed a day of "hands on" activities. One of the most exciting areas was the Launch Pad.

Religious Education has been our foundation topic this week. Squirrels Class were investigating "Special People"... and yes, they did remember to include their Mums and Dads!

Hedgehogs have set up a colourful butterfly investigation area... watch this space for the details of our very own butterfly collection, at present in caterpillar stage.

Badgers had another weekly swimming session, while Key Stage One children participated in another orienteering session.

Work is continuing on our entry for this year's Village Carnival float, with all children contributing art work in the forms of painting and collage.

We are all practising musical items, in preparation for our entertainment afternoon for the Elderly Citizens, in a couple of weeks time.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Week Ending 6th June 2008

On Tuesday, Key Stage One and Foundation children had a lesson on crossing the road safely, from a team of three visitors. They looked very colourful in their fluorescent tops.

Friday was "Bear" day, and the children brought along their favourite bears. Paddington Bear's 50th birthday was celebrated too, and everybody had fun designing cards, and making up party games.

Our "Scavenger Hunt" has been extended for another week - so get scavenging!!

We are on a countdown from twenty now... Our nursery should then be completed.

This week, geography has been our focus. Barnaby Bear has been travelling in this country, and abroad, as far as St Lucia and Antarctica. There was a delicious smell of tropical fruits coming from Rabbits Class... and thank you, the pineapple was delicious and juicy!

Squirrels went shopping, and designed some magnificent shops and shopping bags. Some Mums weren't too sure how they would manage with buggies and amazing Squirrel shopping bags!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Week Ending 23rd May 2008

This week Squirrels and Rabbits have been to a "Victorian Seaside". Lady Fry and Lady Summers, dressed in their best clothes and parasol, kindly answered questions about their experiences on their seaside holidays, many years ago.

Hedgehogs have made some lovely "straw and pipe cleaner" playground equipment, for their toys to play on! On Thursday, one of our governors visited them in the morning, and had a wonderful time fishing with them... with originally designed fishing rods. They caught many fish apparently... of a species known only to Hedgehogs!

Badgers spent the week learning all about Ancient Greece, and have also been planning a treasure hunt around the school grounds.

On Wednesday, our last hand printing session took place. Many hands are now being made into a pair of wall hangings, which will adorn the wall in our Nursery. We are expecting our new building to be finished next month, and "finishing touches" are now taking place.

On Tuesday, we held our last Sharing Assembly of this half term. It culminated with "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!"... sung in Spanish of course - "Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas y Pies!"

Friday, 16 May 2008

Week Ending 16th May 2008

Our hall is looking even brighter this week, thanks to the addition of Rabbits' "Insect" work. The windows are crawling with ladybirds, spiders and a selection of butterflies and bugs made from an imaginative array of collage materials.

Badgers have been "lighting up" their room, with an investigation of types of lamps and lights. Squirrels and Hedgehogs have been designing and making their own ideal playgrounds - one was based on a Spanish theme, with siesta times clearly stated! Badgers came in useful with their sound knowledge of Spanish words.

We have welcomed another new child this week, and are looking forward to showing more prospective pupils around next week.

Our Nursery build is now having its internal fittings added - a new roll of flooring was added this week.

On Thursday afternoon, two members of Bedfordshire Music team came in to play us a selection of wind instruments, and the children enjoyed some action songs.

On Friday, we are holding our "Eaton Bray Has Talent" show, in the School Hall. Food will be available, and is being prepared by our cook. Children are singing / dancing / acting / playing instruments / telling jokes and performing magic.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Week Ending 9th May 2008

Since our last "BLOG", we have celebrated children's achievements in our first Sharing Assembly of this term. Parents were very impressed by the way our children speak up so clearly and confidently.

This week, Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been travelling with Barnaby Bear, and Travelling Hedgehog. Barnaby was dressed in a sari for his trip to India, and enjoyed visiting the meditation mat, the tea plantation, the Divali Music Centre and the barfi sweet factory. Squirrels carefully followed the recipe, and sampled it on the plane journey back to London, served by our Air Stewardess (alias teaching assistant!).

Rabbits have been planning prototypes of puppets to be made next half term... their materials are being ordered now!

Badgers have been learning about Hinduism, and have made a series of posters based on what they have learnt.

On Friday, we had our Class photographs, and the whole School photograph, taken by our "in-house expert" photographer - Hedgehogs teacher, who is also gifted behind the camera.

Children are looking forward to working with a parent on Friday afternoon, making peg dolls, during our special Golden Time.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Week Ending 25th April 2008

This week, art has been the focus in Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Badgers. Hedgehogs and Badgers have been sculptors... perhaps another "Henry Moore" will surface!

In Squirrels, enormous collage flowers were made from a variety of papers. A little "magic dust" helped to make Squirrels into artists, who could work with A1 paper. Rabbits thought about "Special People"

The children and some of their parents had a delicious St George's Day lunch, cooked by our expert cook. One set of parents said "Oh, we've eaten too much!"

We have welcomed another new child this week.

Our Nursery building is now adorned with its cedar wood cladding, and is even bright enough for our little Hedgehogs, who love the purple walls. I wonder what they will think of the gold and purple window frames!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Week Ending 18th April 2008

This week our afternoon focus has been Science. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating sound, and were convinced that the "large ear" in Squirrels belonged to the giant in "Jack and The Beanstalk". So if you see a one eared giant...!

Rabbits became astronauts, and investigated the Solar System.

Badgers looked at the human skeleton, and discovered the names of all the bones. They drew giant skeletons, which they named, and hung up on the walls. They also learnt the names of body parts in Spanish!

Our Headteacher went on a "Fire" course at the beginning of the week. Mid week, Governors held an evening meeting, with exciting updates on the Nursery. There are now beautiful bright green and yellow walls, and the floor colours have been chosen.

Our Poetry Books have been printed, and will be on sale soon... look forward to seeing your child's poem in print, and hopefully have a wonderful memory of their days at Eaton Bray Lower School.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Week Ending 11th April 2008

Another term has started with a new set of Choices: philosophy / garden design / food technology / special occasions / Spanish.

We have welcomed new children into Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Rabbits Classes.

Our Nursery Building is progressing steadily, and now has a welcoming porch, at the side.

Our theme in the Hall this half-term is Shakespeare, and the children are busily working on a wonderful Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.

As the weather has been kind to us this week, the children have had the freedom to play on our lovely big field. Our newest activity is tri-golf, for Key Stage One pupils.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Week Ending 14th March 2008

Science has been our main topic this week. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating "Forces". It was amazing how quickly some of the cars could travel down a slope - the estimate was more than one hundred miles per hour! Rabbits have been investigating sound. They had an odd number of ears in class for the first time ever - one was a very large colourful plastic model! Badgers were in darkness for some of the time, as they discovered facts about shadows and light.

We welcomed yet another new pupil in Rabbits Class this week.

On Wednesday evening there was a "Fashion Show" in the School Hall. It was a full-house, and the audience were amazed by the very professional (volunteer!) models who wore a selection of lovely clothes. The clothes were for sale afterwards, and most people left clutching an armful of bargains. Look out for all our elegantly dressed Mums in the High Street! Hopefully this will be an event that can be repeated, due to its popularity.

We are looking forward to History Day next Wednesday. A taste of things to come...
Hedgehogs and Squirrels: Pirates
Rabbits: Florence Nightingale / Soldiers
Badgers: World War II

Friday, 7 March 2008

Week Ending 7th March 2008

Our busiest day this week was Wednesday. We celebrated our "World Book Day", and the theme this year was "Bedtime Stories and Rhymes". Staff and children came dressed in bedtime attire, and brought along their favourite bedtime toys and stories. The children had fun making little books for their toys, and even produced their own coffee-stained parchment, for Torah Scrolls. Squirrels classroom smelled of coffee all day! Rabbits were considering possible alternative endings for a spooky forest walk - it's amazing what was discovered amongst a few trees! Hedgehogs had fun dramatising "Ten In The Bed", and hiding under a giant duvet! Badgers wrote special bedtime stories to read to Hedgehogs.

In the afternoon, photographers from local newspapers came along to "snap up" some children. We are looking forward to seeing EBLS in print yet again next week.

Our Nursery is to be plastered next week, which is one of the final stages of the build.

Friday, 29 February 2008

Week Ending 29th February 2008

February is at a close... we have already moved on to March in school, as we have been busily making Mothers' Day cards and gifts. On Friday, we had a special "Mothers' Day Madness", when children could choose a secret gift for Mum, wrapped by nimble-fingered staff. (Hope you like your gift Mums!)

Our Nursery has its smart zinc roof in place. We are looking forward to seeing the purple and gold window frames.

Rabbits have had a visiting PGCE student, who will be working with them until July.

Badgers had a Spanish lesson from a visiting teacher, and they impressed with their enthusiasm and fluency.

On Monday, staff were given an advanced session on "Espresso" and were all awarded certificates of competence.

Hope everyone has a lovely Mothers' Day weekend!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Week Ending 22nd February 2008

We have all returned refreshed from our half term break. Our builders, of course, have been steadily working on, with only a few weeks until completion of our Nursery. A hand painting session for past and present pupils to come and "make their mark" will be held on Saturday 1st March: 9 - 12 o'clock. These prints will be displayed on a wall, in our wonderful new Nursery.

Our focus this week has been geography. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have turned themselves into penguin friends of "Cuddly Dudley", in Antarctica. Rabbits have been investigating "Shops and Shopping" - wonder if they got to Harrods! Badgers studied the town of Betws-y-Coed. Perhaps they have also added Welsh to their language sessions...

A new set of Friday afternoon "Choices" has started. The children and staff thoroughly enjoy these weekly sessions, when Reception to Year Four children work collaboratively, on a range of topics. There was also much excitement this week when we used our new laptops for the first time!

A visiting scientist came on Friday morning, and presented a wonderful selection of experiments. We now know what happens when candle wax, sugar and air mix... Do you?

Friday, 8 February 2008

Week Ending 8th February 2008

Almost half-term!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable break.

This week we have focused on History. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have began investigating pirates, and are looking forward to learning more about Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen, next half term. Rabbits are now a fund of information about Florence Nightingale. Badgers have been considering what life was like during World War II, and the sound of sirens have been resounding along the corridor!

On Thursday evening, in the School Hall, there was a Cookery Demonstration by our School Cook, and everyone had a lovely time tasting a range of starters and desserts. It was unanimous that no-one would go home and step on the scales!

Our next HSA event will be a "Katwalk Fashoin Show" on Wednesday 12th March at 7.30pm in the School Hall. Tickets are available now.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Week Ending 1st February 2008

We have another four new children who have joined us in School this week. They have settled well and made many new friends already.

This week our focus has been on design and technology. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been making moving pictures - some very frightening "Gruffalos" are around! Rabbits have a wonderful selection of vehicles lined up - stretch limos, fire engines, Volvo taxis... Badgers have been looking at packaging, and even borrowed some items from Breakfast Club to investigate how food is packaged.

On Wednesday, more parents joined the children for lunch, and were full of praise for their delicious meal and the behaviour and good manners of our children.

On Thursday, there was a Home School Association meeting, finalising arrangements for our Cookery Evening (7th February at 7.30pm, in the School Hall). The theme is "Starters and Desserts". Why not join us for some new exciting ideas - useful for that special Valentines or Easter meal!

Our Nursery builing is progressing well, with only a short time now, until it is weatherproof.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Week Ending 25th January 2008

This week has focused on Art. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been making relief prints with tiles, Rabbits have worked on 2D collage pictures, and Badgers have been studying the works of David Hockney.

On Tuesday we had our Sharing Assembly, where children from each of our classes celebrated their achievements this term.

On 7th February at 7.30pm, there is a Cookery Evening, hosted by our cook. This time, we are discovering stunning starters and delicious desserts. No need to have any dinner, as there are always lots of samples to be eaten. Why not come along for an evening out!

On Tuesday , the crane arrived, to place the roof steels onto our Nursery building. It was an impressive sight and another major step towards the completion of our new Nursery.

On Wednesday, more parents joined the children for lunch - a delicious roast chicken dinner. We are looking forward to more guests next week.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Week Ending 18th January 2008

This week has focused on Geography. In Squirrels and Hedgehogs the theme has been weather. Fortunately the weather was kind and we had a variety of sun, rain and wind - perfect for testing out kites and windmills. The children were also hopeful that they would experience snow, but they had to compromise with effects on the white boards!

On Tuesday evening the school held a full Governors' Meeting. On leaving the school, there was the experience of another weather type, as car windscreens had to be defrosted!

Our "Choices" afternoon had a range of exciting activities: making bookmarks, examining non-fiction texts, making musical instruments, historical investigations online, drama, and writing "for the post box".

Our Nursery is progressing steadily and next week the crane is arriving to insert the steel roof supports. The carpenters will then be able to proceed with the next stage. How exciting!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Week Ending 11th January 2008

Happy New Year!

We started 2008 with a visit to Milton Keynes Theatre, to see "Aladdin". The genie had wonderful golden boots, and appeared from a sparkle of silver stars!

This week we have been "Light Scientists". Each class has investigated different aspects of the topic light. The "peep" boxes in Squirrels class were very popular - we based them on the Aladdin theme, and spotted genies and jewels as we peeped through the hole. Badgers had trouble with their work on shadows, as they were"rained off" a couple of times!

On Thursday we ended with our New Year Disco. The children had a wonderful time, participating in dancing and games, followed by a delicious tea.

On Friday we are beginning a new set of "Choices" topics: reading / writing / history investigation / music / drama.