Friday, 13 June 2008

Week Ending 12th June 2008

Rabbits Class went on a coach to London this week. Their destination was the Science Museum, where they enjoyed a day of "hands on" activities. One of the most exciting areas was the Launch Pad.

Religious Education has been our foundation topic this week. Squirrels Class were investigating "Special People"... and yes, they did remember to include their Mums and Dads!

Hedgehogs have set up a colourful butterfly investigation area... watch this space for the details of our very own butterfly collection, at present in caterpillar stage.

Badgers had another weekly swimming session, while Key Stage One children participated in another orienteering session.

Work is continuing on our entry for this year's Village Carnival float, with all children contributing art work in the forms of painting and collage.

We are all practising musical items, in preparation for our entertainment afternoon for the Elderly Citizens, in a couple of weeks time.