Friday, 9 October 2009

Week Ending 9th October 2009

On Wednesday our new netball court was christened! The children have grasped the rules easily, and are sharing tremendous enthusiasm for their new sport. Friday is the day for tennis and soccer, which means an active end to the week, for some children.

This week our foundation focus has been history. Younger children have been living in years gone by, working by candlelight, and "beating" the carpets. None were keen to investigate the chamber pots very thoroughly! Rabbits have been learning about historic figures including Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, and Badgers have been learning about Victorian times, writing postcards home as if they were Victorian children, and investigating the designs of William Morris.

The H.S.A. had their Annual General Meeting on Monday, when a new committee was elected. Leaving chair and vice chair had beautiful exotic bouquets, and it was sad to see them depart.

Our orchard will be planted this week, and next week, and will be followed by an official opening ceremony, when plaques will be displayed.