Friday, 18 January 2013

Week Ending 18th January 2013

Winter has well and truly arrived this week!  The children enjoyed playing on the field in the snow, and showed wonderful imaginations in their snow games.

The HSA held a meeting on Tuesday evening, and it was felt that attendance may be increased if the start time was 7.30pm.  Hopefully most members will be able to attend the next meeting.

On Wednesday, work began on preparations for the erection of our two new classrooms.  As you may have noticed, our "field" shed has a temporary home on the edge of the playground, until work is complete.  In the next few weeks, steady progress will be made on the classrooms, and both will be completed by Easter. Younger children have enjoyed watching the digger at work, and were being keen photographers.

Our new classrooms will look a bit like this!

 Some Key Stage One children have been following the adventures of Christopher Columbus, and had fun making pop-up models of the "Santa Maria".  Older children have been in Egypt, studying the history of the country.

Badgers and Otters have enjoyed investigating the village, going on a walk, whilst all enjoyed an "Eaton Bray in the past" film show by local historian Peter Mayne.