Friday, 3 July 2015

Week Ending 3rd July 2015

Our Family Fun Day on Saturday was an enormous success!  Thank you to everyone who attended.  Please enjoy a selection of photos which show some of the exciting activities that were on offer.


Some people may have been unaware that on Monday, it was International Mud Day!  Hamsters Class celebrated this special event, with lots of muddy play, and the opening of their new "mud kitchen".

Please visit to find out more about International Mud Day, and the principles behind this idea.

On Tuesday evening, a group of our oldest children had the opportunity to perform in a Musical Celebration Concert, at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable.

Children from across Central Bedfordshire demonstrated the musical skills they have learned and developed over the year - our Year 5 and 6 children have all been learning the ukulele, and performed for their parents.  We also had contributions from individuals who have been learning other instruments; trombone, violin, recorder...

What an entertaining evening, made all the more enjoyable for our children, by pizza for tea back at school, between the afternoon rehearsal and the evening performance!

We have experienced some of the hottest weather for a decade this week, and in true EBA style, our children have continued to work hard and be productive both in the classroom and on the sports field, in spite of the heat.  

Key Stage Two children enjoyed a day of rugby training and an inter-schools tag rugby tournament, organised and hosted by the Dunstable Rugby Club.  Rabbits went on Monday, and played well enough to reach the semi-finals, losing only after extended extra time, to the eventual winners.  Badgers Class' turn was on Wednesday, when the temperature hit 30°.  They managed to stay cool, reach the final... and lost by just one try!  Well done teams.

Rabbits had great fun in the classroom this week, creating cartoons using an online resource called  The cartoon below provided a welcome reprieve from the stifling heat!

Our EBA Enterprise children were back in the kitchen on Friday, chopping and slicing vegetable to make red onion marmalade, spiced pickled beetroot and carrot relish to sell at their EBA Enterprise Farmer's Market.  Do come along on Friday 10th July, 3.30 - 4.00pm, when a selection of wonderful home-grown and home made products will be on sale.

The Village Carnival is tomorrow.  Watch out for us as we "sail" past on our Titanic themed float.  (We hope to float, not sink!)