Friday, 7 May 2010

Week Ending 7th May 2010

Election week is here... our three "ladies" have names! The chickens are now christened: Rosie, Henrietta and Florence. Rosie has a bright red beak; Henrietta has lots of black tail feathers; Florence has a "beauty spot" on her cheek! Their first box of eggs will be auctioned in the School playground on Monday afternoon, so do come along and bid. Our School Council members will be organising the distribution of the eggs and will request donations towards the cost of feeding and maintaining our feathered friends. Some eggs will go to our School cook, who will prepare delicious main courses and desserts requiring eggs.

This week some of us went to India with Barnaby Bear and his "bear" friends. We visited a tea plantation, a sari shop, and a music shop.

We were privileged to have a visitor to talk about Muslim culture, and tasted lots of delicious food, kindly prepared and provided by our guest. MANY THANKS!

Next Tuesday we will have our first Sharing Time of this term in the School hall. On Wednesday KS2 pupils will begin swimming lessons.