Friday, 29 March 2019

Week Ending 29th March 2019

It's been a really egg-citing week for Key Stage One children!  On Monday morning they took delivery of a clutch of eggs, in a temperature controlled incubator, which took up residence in Squirrels classroom. 

The children were very keen to see what was going to happen, and watched the eggs closely all through Monday and Tuesday.  They were excited to see the first cracks appearing in the shells on Tuesday afternoon.

Then on Tuesday evening, when Mr Meade was locking up the school for the night, he spotted that this had happened...

And on Wednesday morning, when we arrived at school we were greeted with this!

Overnight, eight out of ten eggs had hatched.  Then during the course of the morning, the children were utterly delighted when they got to witness a further egg hatching, watching transfixed, as chick number nine made its way into the world.

The chicks - five girls and four boys - have been transferred into a cosy new home.  They are growing and thriving, and getting more and more fluffy!  The children (and adults) love them and are enjoying watching and caring for them.  They have been writing "chick diaries", drawing pictures and learning all about the life cycle of chickens.

We will have the chicks for another week, at which point they will be re-homed, and we look forward to seeing how much they grow and change over the next few days.  Please enjoy a fascinating time lapse video that was taken overnight on Tuesday.


It's Mothering Sunday this weekend, and throughout the school, the children have been finding out about the traditions and origins of this day, and working on various secret projects!  

Rabbits Class children made their own flowers for homework, to represent the bunches of flowers which young girls used to pick for their mothers in days gone by.  They had a flower parade around the classroom, and enjoyed a home baked a simnel cake which was traditionally eaten for Mothering Sunday tea.  

Meanwhile, Hedgehogs Class investigated the Japanese art technique of Hapa Zome to make floral decorations.  This involves hammering leaves and flowers onto cloth, to release the natural pigment, with very attractive results.


Hamsters children treated family members to a special Mothers Day assembly on Thursday morning, with songs and special messages for their Mums.  Afterwards there was tea, coffee and pastries for all to enjoy.


On Friday afternoon the children enjoyed Choices and Enterprise once again.  As usual there was plenty going on around the school, including gardening, cricket on the field, and a visit from our good friend Dr Bell in "World of Work".  The Lego Choices group had a lovely time making fruit from Lego!