Friday, 14 September 2007

Week Ending 14th September 2007

This week, we have focused on art.

Each class has completed an art topic - Badgers Class made a wonderful range of three dimensional chairs.

On Friday, the school holds a "Choices" session. Children across the key stages can participate in philosophy, garden design, foreign languages, global learning or multi skills P.E.

Friday is also the day when we celebrate our "Pupil of the Week" in each class, and our "Star of the School" - to be displayed on a glittery extravaganza!!!

Our dedication to gardening has been rewarded by gigantic sunflowers in Badgers' garden, and a selection of carrots from Hedgehogs, that have proved to a be a very tasty ingredient in school dinners. Squirrels "beach" garden is now complete, with the addition of holiday shells, and windmills.

Tennis has been resumed in Rabbits Class - two coaches guided them on technique.

Badgers Class participated in a French lesson, with a visiting specialist, and will have regular French and Spanish lesson, with Miss Wells.

We have been fortunate to have a P.G.C.E student in school, and the extra help has been much appreciated - thank you!