Friday, 16 November 2007

Week Ending 16th November 2007

Our school has been full of newspapers this week - not for protecting the tables from glue, during our design and technology activity week - but with staff and pupils eager to read the fantastic articles about our outstanding Ofsted report! This is now online at the Ofsted website and can be read here.

The Nursery block is rising, as the blog is being written, and has advanced rapidly this week.

Design and Technology this week has allowed us to be well ahead with our Christmas cards, calendars and gifts. Many of our ideas were linked to our whole School Target for Maths, which focuses on shape. Rabbits' Christmas tree pyramid cards are very glittery and covered with a variety of shapes, including pentagons and hexagons! Squirrels made cylindrical cards adorned with jewels and spherical baubles (obtained from our "Aladdin's Cave." - we are looking forward to seeing Aladdin soon at Milton Keynes Theatre.)

The hall is being prepared for our Christmas Concert, and is adorned with a gigantic Christmas cracker... jokes to follow next week, after our ICT bumper print out.

As usual our corridors and entrance area are based on the pantomime we are going to see. Let's hope the genie by Mrs Hounslow's office will not frighten too many of our visitors, as the lights flash on and off, and the music resounds!