Friday, 22 June 2012

Week Ending 22nd June 2012

This week, there have been lots of visits: tennis coach for Year 2 children, EB Lions (football) for Year 4, after school soccer coach for all in age ranges Y1 - Y4...  Year 4 children have also had the opportunity to swim, on a Wednesday.  Gosh, what a lot of energy!  Meanwhile... in School, all classes have been practising for for our forthcoming visit to Stockwood Park.  The relay is proving particularly popular... so if your rolling pin appears to be missing, do check that it's not being used as a relay baton!

Badgers have completed the decoration of their Greek pottery; Rabbits have designed and made fantastic Olympic t-shirts; Squirrels have been making circuits and switches, so that their unique torches light up.  Most now want to be electricians!

Otters have been completing some special phonic work, whilst Hedgehogs have been investigating pushes and pulls, putting their findings into practise in the playground with bikes and scooters!  Hamsters have made a lovely colourful puppet theatre from a large cardboard box, and have began work on their "Garden Centre."

Our annual Summer Fair was held on Saturday, raising a large amount for School funds.  The weather was fairly kind, and all who came along to support us, seemed to enjoy themselves.  there were delicious aromas emerging from the barbecue and candy floss rooms!  Thank you to all those who helped before, during and after the event.

Our next task is to decorate our float, for the Carnival on 7th July.  In School all children will help to make items, so that everyone is included in the fun.  Parents of children on the float are also helping on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning.  Thanks to all, in anticipation.