Friday, 27 January 2012

Week Ending 27th January 2012

Another week has flown by! Lots of jobs have been completed around the School and grounds, as the weather has been very kind recently. The Nature Trail has been cleared of fallen trees, so will be back in use again, for Science investigations.

This week Hamsters and Hedgehogs have, like Badgers been finding out about the Chinese New Year. Look at this wonderful display!

Otters have been having an "out of this World" experience, and investigating levers and springs and how they make rockets move.

Squirrels have been on a trip to meet Aboriginees in Australia! If any strange musical sounds are heard around the village, don't panic, it's just "Digeridoo Tooting Time!"

Rabbits have constructed "The Iron Man," and ingeniously used left over pieces from Christmas crackers for his metal persona.

Badgers are busily writing exciting books for our Hedgehog children to share. the theme is "The Magic Toy Shop!"

We are looking forward to our zoo visitors on Friday. Details next week!