Friday, 1 July 2016

Week Ending 1st July 2016

As June turns to July, we are all hoping we might see some warm summer weather soon...

On Monday morning, we were visited by Superintendent Basra, from Bedfordshire Police, who came in to give an assembly all about community policing.  He talked about the importance of working together to keep our communities safe, and answered lots of interesting question posed by the children.

We have had a busy sporting week at Eaton Bray Academy, with children taking part in cricket and rugby tournaments, so lots of trips for the minibus!  On Monday afternoon, a team of Year 5 and 6 boys went to Henlow to take part in the county crickets finals which had been rescheduled from last week due to wet weather.  They had a enjoyable afternoon, but faced tough competition from other school teams, which meant that they didn't climb high up the leaderboard, but did get plenty of inspiration and came away with a renewed determination to join the ranks of the best!

On Tuesday, all the Year 4s went to Dunstable Rugby Club to join other local schools for a day of rugby training and competition, and on Thursday it was the turn of Year 5.  The children had lots of fun improving their rugby skills, and enjoyed the treat of hot dogs to round off the day.

A representative from England Rugby was present at the event, and there was a very special proud moment for Eaton Bray Academy towards the end of Thursday, when he singled out of of our Year 5 children for a special award.  He explained that rugby is all about teamwork and respect, and said that Rocky stood out above all the other children present, as someone who demonstrates these qualities.  Well done Rocky, you are a star!

Back in school, Otters and Squirrels Classes have been learning to tell the time.  Otters have had a work experience student with them this week, and she has helped the children create a multi-media book on the i-pads, linked to their geography work on hot and cold countries.

Hamsters Class have had an lovely week reading their book for this week, Peppa Pig and the Flying Vet.  Their home corner is currently a vet's surgery, and they have enjoyed lots of activities around animals, made planes and taken a visit to Forest School, as well as receiving a special visit from Josie the tortoise!

On Wednesday, we had another visitor, Mr Henshall, a teacher from a secondary school in St Albans.  He came in to find out more about what goes on in a primary school, and spent a full and interesting day with us, visiting all the classes and joining in with the Year 5 Enterprise cookery lesson, where they learnt how to make a variety of couscous dishes.

Friday was an exciting day, which started with "University Challenge" for our Key Stage Two children.  The children split into teams of four, and gave themselves fun teams names such as "Egg Heads" and "Girls Rule!"  Mrs Khan and Mr Crutcher, one of our governors, were the quiz masters, and the teams were given challenging general knowledge questions to test their brains!  The winning team in each class was rewarded with gifts vouchers, and everyone received a certificate for taking part.

Respect and teamwork came into play again at the end of the quiz, when our two Year 6 teams came together to shake hands and congratulate one another.  Our "British Value" for this term was very much in evidence!

Later on Friday, there was huge excitement for Hedgehogs Class, because it was time to release their butterflies!  The children have watched these grow from caterpillars over the last few weeks, and have been fascinated to observe them developing into chrysalises and emerging as colourful butterflies.

Everyone dressed in bright colours for this special occasion, with some children wearing butterfly wings or masks!  The butterflies fluttered away happily, though some lingered and chose to land on the grass nearby, or even on the children's hands, allowing them to be studied closely through a magnifying glass.  To the delight of one Hedgehog boy, who managed to stand very still, a very friendly butterfly stayed on his hand for around fifteen minutes before flying off to find a flower to perch on!

Saturday is the day of the village carnival, and everyone has been very busy painting, cutting and sticking, and putting together a wonderful display of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses for our carnival float.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the rain will stay away... and hoping for a lovely day of community spirit, fun and  festivities.  Hope to see lots of you there!