Friday, 2 March 2018

Week Ending 2nd March 2018

What a week!  Just as we were beginning to look forward to some spring sunshine and pleasant warmth, the weather forecasters told us all that spring had been "postponed" this year and that we were in for some rather low temperatures... and they weren't wrong!

Much of the week was spent watching the skies, checking the weather forecast, and hoping that the frequent snow showers weren't going to disrupt all of our plans!  It's been Book Week this week, so plenty of literacy based activities lined up for the children to enjoy, culminating in our celebration of EBA World Book Day, planned for Friday.

Otters Class in particular were keeping their fingers crossed that roads would be safe and snow free, because they had an exciting trip planned on Tuesday.  They were off to Watford to visit Wenzel's Bakery, where they were to become mini-bakers for the day, and make bread and decorate cakes.

Happily, despite temperatures of around -6°C, and a bitter wind, the heaviest snowfalls did steer clear of this part of the country at the beginning of the week, so Otters were able to head out on their adventure, and had a really wonderful day out. There will be some photos to follow - watch this space!

By Wednesday however, the forecast was worsening, and with blizzard conditions and a fair amount of snow on the ground on Thursday, we took the decision to send the children home early, and to remain closed on Friday.

What a shame, when all the children had their World Book Day costumes all ready to dress up in on Friday! However, no-one will miss out, as we will now have our celebration on Monday of next week.  In the meantime, everyone has an extra long weekend to enjoy playing in the snow!

Keep safe and stay warm, and we will see you on Monday...