Friday, 13 November 2009

Week Ending 13th November 2009

We have had another busy week!

Monday: Updating Foundation subject policies

Tuesday: Welcomed two new children

Wednesday: * Remembrance Day
* Arrival of new flat screen television for our hall
* Governor's Meeting

Thursday: Television fitted

Friday: Visit from the new vicar

Our Foundation subject this week has been history. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating old houses. Squirrels made "wattle and daub" mix (shhh.... the ingredients were animal dung(!) / clay / sand / chalk). We also had a new "pupil" called Shaun, who turned out to be a friend of "Wallace and Gromit". He relaxed on a warm, pink electric blanket, as we investigated bed warmers through the ages!

Rabbits went back to Tudor times, and made and tasted pottage and jelly, which they decided was the tastiest food they had consumed! (Sorry all Mums out there, who slave away over home cooked meals.)

Badgers went back to Victorian times, and rearranged the tables in their classroom into formal rows, where they had to sit boy next to girl. They learnt all about how much stricter schools were in those days, and were quite pleased to return to the good old 21st Century at the end of the afternoon!

Next week, there is a "Fashion Show" in our hall on Thursday. Do come along, and treat yourself to a new outfit for Christmas!!