Friday, 19 October 2007

Week Ending 19th October

A very busy week for all of us, as we had several important events. We had our Ofsted Inspection on Tuesday, which coincided with our Sharing Assembly. Some children from all classes showed their work, and celebrated achievements in phonic work, literacy, gymnastics and history. A Badger played the piano beautifully, as we came in , and as we left the hall.

On Thursday evening, we had our Consultation Evening, when parents shared their children's work, and met Class Teachers.

We completed a week of religious education in all classes. The mirrors were used a lot, but not so that we, the teachers, could preen ourselves, but as an aid for Foundation and KS1 children investigating the topic "Me!"
KS2 children investigated the items on the Seder Plate.

On Friday, we participated in our last session of the current choices selection. We are looking forward to new challenging choices, after half-term.

Enjoy your holiday!