Friday, 6 January 2017

Week Ending 6th January 2017

Welcome back to school and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Our rather delicious Creative Curriculum topic for this term is "Food!"  The children will be finding out all about food production, where our food comes from, nutrition and healthy eating etc, linking their work to the curriculum subjects - maths, history geography, art and so on.  There will also be exciting trips in store for some lucky children, which may involve some food tasting...

New displays for the new term are going up in the classrooms, and throughout the School, including our usual collaborative piece of artwork in the Hall.  This term, it is based on the still life paintings of fruit by Paul Cezanne, and every child in the school will be painting or drawing a pear in the style of Cezanne, to be included in our own masterpiece.

Cezanne "Trois Poires"

Our "Value for Life" for this half term is Hope.  The children have been considering what this means to them, and thinking about their hopes for the coming year.  Deer Class children have shared their hopes, creating a lovely display in their classroom.

Awards Assembly takes place each week on a Friday afternoon.  This is where children are rewarded for their achievements, whether that be good behaviour, academic progress, sporting glory, or something else that makes us proud.  Each week the Head Boy and Girls also choose a pupil for their special award, and they put a lot of thought into who they are going to pick, and why.

Before Christmas, every child in Main School had the chance to vote for their "Pupil of the Year".  There were two nominees from each class, chosen by the children, and everyone was given a ballot slip on which to select their chosen candidate from the shortlist.  When the votes were counted, the overall winner was George - our Head Boy!  He is clearly doing his job well, to have so much support and respect from the other children.  Well done George, and well done all the other children whose achievements were celebrated at the end of last term.