Friday, 25 November 2016

Week Ending 25th November 2016

It's been a big week for EBA Enterprise children!

The Year Fives enjoyed another visit from our local butcher, Mr Hines, who spoke to the children about his work, answered their many questions, and demonstrated to them some of the skills required in the preparation of meat.  The children had the opportunity to handle the meat, and were given some sound advice about the hygiene procedures required when working with raw meat.

Any vegetarians may wish to look away now...

Year Six Enterprise children meanwhile, are embarking on a new venture.  They have joined the national Young Enterprise scheme, which gives children the opportunity to learn the skills involved in running a business.  The idea is that children are granted a sum of money, and they have to find innovative ways of using this to return a profit.

Their first task was to try and find some sponsorship for their endeavours, and so the children wrote polite letters to a range of local businesses, requesting their help.  The letters were only sent a couple of days ago, and we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response so far - thank you to Giblins Estate Agents, Illustra Kennels and Eaton Bray Tennis Club  - your generous support will allow our children to develop business skills that will help them become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

We look forward to finding out what the children plan to do with their kindly donated funds.

Hedgehogs Class paid a visit to the older children in Foxes Class this week, to find out more about volcanoes.  Foxes children have become very knowledgeable volcanology experts over this past term, finding out all about this subject as part of the "Extreme Earth" topic.  They were keen to share their knowledge with the younger children.  They showed Hedgehogs the work they have done, and demonstrated some of the models that they have made.

When Hedgehogs returned to their own classroom, they wrote postcards home, imagining that they had witnessed a volcano erupting, and then embarked on creating their own huge papier mache volcano!

Badgers Class meanwhile, have been continuing their work on Salvador Dali, and have now finished their "melting clocks" pictures and clay models.  They are all on display in the classroom.

On Thursday, we had a visit from representatives from the NSPCC, who delivered their "Speak Out. Stay Safe." assembly to all the children in Main School.  They talked about how children can keep themselves safe from harm, and ways in which they can get help if they have any worries.  The information was given in a child friendly way, and the younger children particularly liked "Buddy" the NSPCC mascot!

On Friday, a team of our super sports men and women went to All Saints Academy to take part in a cross country tournament with other local schools.  It was a cold, but beautifully sunny day, and our children all ran very well - running extra fast to keep themselves warm perhaps?  We ended up with four EBA boys in the top twelve, and four EBA girls in the top eight - impressive stuff!  Well done to all who took part and represented the school so well.

The school is beginning to look very festive, with Christmas trees springing up all over the place!  On Saturday, we are holding a Christmas party, organised by the HSA, with a disco, Christmas crafts, a buffet tea for children, and mince pies for parents!  We're sure that this will be an enjoyable event for all - hope to see lots of you there!