Friday, 17 January 2014

Week Ending 17th January 2014

How appropriate our "Water Water Everywhere" topic is, considering the amount of rain that has been falling in the area, in deluges.  Considering our choice was made in the last academic year, it is amazing how topical our theme has become!  Next time you visit our Hall, you may hear the song "Singing In The Rain" being sung, as an accompaniment to the umbrella art work on the walls.

Choices has returned, on Thursday afternoons, with an amazing range of subjects.  Golf had to be indoors, due to the weather, but was thoroughly enjoyed by the children.  Other indoor activities included craft with paper, Venetian masks, newsletter, a talk about bats, Storysacks, music, cooking, drama and textiles.  It is the largest range of topics that has been available since Choices began some time ago.

Further meetings have taken place about our trip to France, next year.  Updates will be given regularly!  The residential trip for this year is to Dell Farm and will take place in June.

Booster Clubs have re-started and the School Shop will be open from next week, so do allow children to bring along pocket money!