Friday, 18 September 2015

Week Ending 18th September 2015

It was an early start for some of our enthusiastic sports stars this week.  Our "Elite Running Group" were up and out at 8 o'clock in the morning, managing to get a few miles under their belts by the time the bell went for the start of School!

Squirrels donned their wellies and raincoats and enjoyed a walk through the Nature Trail on Wednesday.  They were on the lookout for animal habitats, and managed to spot several interesting looking holes, with evidence of animal occupancy.

The big day this week was Thursday, when all the children in Years 1 to 6 returned to Kidzania for a great day out.  Everyone had a wonderful time, and we are really grateful to the staff at Kidzania for making every effort to ensure that our children were able to make the most of their day.  Queues were minimal, and everyone was able to partake in all the activities that they wanted to experience, whether that be doctor, fireman, musician, flight attendant, actor, racing car mechanic...

There was of course, extra excitement for Rabbits and Badgers Class (and a few Squirrels) when their coach broke down on the way home, delaying their return to School by a little over an hour!  All the children were very well behaved during the wait for a replacement coach, and we are grateful to parents for their understanding of the situation, and for cheerfully coming back an hour later than planned to collect their children.

Please enjoy a selection of photos showing some of the activities we are doing in Choices this half term.