Friday, 27 January 2017

Week Ending 27th January 2017

The children have been inspired this week, by a Marvellous Maths brain teaser...

"The Answer is 27.  What is the question?"

This was written on a big white sheet of paper, pinned to the wall in the corridor, along with a set of colourful marker pens.  Everyone was invited to write a response, using their mathematical knowledge, their puzzle solving skills, and their imagination.  As you can see, there were many suggestions, and it has been lovely watching the board fill up with more and more sums, complicated calculations and word problems.  It was a really thought provoking challenge!

Our Creative Curriculum topic for this term is "Food" and all the classes have been exploring this theme in a variety of ways.  Badgers have been finding out about the food chain in Science, creating pictorial diagrams to demonstrate how plants, animals and humans rely on each other for food.  Also during Science lessons, children in Deer Class have been discovering how and why yeast reacts with water and different foodstuffs - flour, sugar, rice etc.

For children in the Early Years, it's been "Gingerbread Man" week, and they have enjoyed reading and listening to this traditional tale, and exploring activities related to the story.  Hamsters children had a lovely time decorating gingerbread men and found a fun activity on the computer.

Hedgehogs thought about how they could convey the gingerbread man across the river, and were very creative in making rafts out of various materials to keep him safely afloat!

As part of our "Reading Revolution" we are developing our School Library, and introducing a lending library system.  Each class will now have library time scheduled every week, and the library is now open at lunchtime for children to have quiet reading time.

We have appointed our first Student Librarians, who are very proudly responsible for keeping the library peaceful and well ordered.  We are pleased with how well this is working, and both adults and children appreciate having a calm, quiet space for children to develop a real love of reading.

On Thursday, it was Rabbits Class' turn to host their Class Assembly.  As usual, parents were invited in to hear about all that the class have been doing, which included learning how plants grow, and some work on the Vikings.  The children all spoke up well, and enjoyed showing their parents a slideshow of their work in class, and during PE in the Hall.  They finished with a song all about the body, before treating their guests to refreshments, including cakes that they had iced the previous afternoon.

On Thursday, Badgers Class had a great day out when they went to Stockwood Park Discovery Centre to meet up with some new friends.  This trip was organised as part of the Schools Linking Network Programme, where a school is partnered with another school, so that children can meet and enjoy activities with pupils from a different setting.  Our partner school this year is Mead Primary School in Luton, and the children will meet up several times over the course of the year.

The children were all paired up and took part in various fun activities that allowed them the opportunity to get to know their new friends.  Then they worked in teams, designing and building vehicles that would propel them across the room - what great fun!

It was a bitterly cold day on Thursday, but we hope the friendships that were made will prove to be warm!