Friday, 15 June 2012

Week Ending 15th June 2012

Welcome back to the final half-term before the long summer holiday!  (Hopefully sunny and dry...!)

The half term started with an Open Gardens Sunday, when the School and its grounds were open to the public.  Many visitors came along for refreshments and were very complimentary about our well kept, colourful and interesting grounds.  Thank you to those who organised, helped, cooked and baked!

On Wednesday, a group of Year 3s and Year 4s took part in the "K'nex Challenge", building complicated moving structures, and impressing the judges with their problem solving skills, presentation, communication and teamwork!

Dates until the end of term that may interest you:
June 16th: Summer Fair
June 25th: World Sports Day
June 28th: Stockwood Park PE Visit
July 4th: Y4s Middle School Visits
July 7th: Carnival Procession
July 9th: Open Evening 3.30 - 6.00pm
July 10th: Hamsters Induction Day
July 12th: Meet New Teachers
July 16th: School Council's Games Evening
July 17th: Leavers' Disco 3.30 - 5.00pm
July 18th: Hamsters' Sports Morning
               Hedgehogs' and Otter's Sports Afternoon
July 19th: Y4 Graduation Ceremony
July 20th: Games Day and END OF TERM!