Friday, 20 January 2012

Week Ending 20th January 2012

This week has been an "at home" week, for most of us, without adventurous trips to London! Every class has been working on ideas generated from the visit to the Science Museum.

Hamsters, Hedgehogs and Otters have been investigating pushes and pulls. They have had lots of investigations to puzzle over, and had fun using the larger toys, as research. Hedgehogs and Otters have also been finding out about space, with Otters writing fantasy alien stories and poems, and Hedgehogs making magic flying carpets upon which to whizz away into the stars!

Squirrels have made discoveries about Leonardo Da Vinci, and had fun flying their own aeroplanes... paper of course!

Rabbits have been on a visit to Leighton Buzzard, linked to their recycling topic, and were amazed to find out about the role of Charity Shops in our local area.

Badgers have been learning all about the water cycle, and investigating the rain forests. They have been busy writing poems about the rain forests and jungle animals, which they plan to make into a book to be enjoyed by the younger children.