Friday, 10 June 2016

Week Ending 10th June 2016

 A week of hot sunshine and heavy thunderstorms!  Fortunately we managed to dodge the worst of the rainfall, and avoided the flooding that hit some other schools in nearby Dunstable.

On Tuesday, a team of Year 3 and 4 cricketers went to All Saints Academy to take part in a tournament with other local schools.  They played fantastically well, scoring plenty of runs and coming away the overall tournament winners.  On Thursday, it was the turn of our year 5 and 6 cricketers, who were equally successful, hitting lots of fours and sixes, and again, coming top of the leaderboard.  The children were all presented with well deserved gold medals, which they proudly wore back to school.  Well done teams - what talented sportsmen and women we have at EBA!

The sunshine and showers have provided great conditions for growing, and our young gardeners in Hamsters Class have been rewarded with beautiful blooms upon their return to Pre-School after the half term holiday.  It was back in April that they planted sweet peas in tyres and petunias in wellington boots, and these are now providing a wonderful colourful display for everyone to enjoy.


Otters Class have been busy growing things as well.  They have been looking at how their sunflowers have grown, and recorded their findings in their sunflower diaries.  They have also been investigating tomato plants, and each table has planted their own tomato plant in a grow bag, to join the other plants in their plot.  They could choose another vegetable to grow; the most popular choice was a cucumber!

Hedgehogs Class are growing things too - something a bit different.  They have caterpillars, which they are feeding and nurturing, and are looking forward to seeing them develop into butterflies.  They went out on a bug hunt around the school grounds on Tuesday, and found spiders, slugs, snails, ladybirds, and a variety of insect eggs, that were all very interesting.

Friday was a non-uniform day, and everyone was asked to bring in a donation of sweets or craft materials for the Family Fun Day, which takes place on Sunday 26th June.  What a lovely lot of goodies we received - thank you to all the parents and children who generously donated.  The Fun Day looks like it will be a fabulous day for everyone, with plenty of activities, games and competitions all included in the ticket price... plus lots of sweets as well!