Friday, 6 July 2012

Week Ending 6th July 2012

On Tuesday, the last Sharing Assembly was held - lots of children celebrated their achievements and the audience enjoyed seeing samples of work, drawings, and 3D models.  Well done to all those who have obviously been working so hard!

Lunch on Wednesday was extra special, as one of the desserts was rhubarb crumble, with freshly picked rhubarb from our wonderful allotment.  Our hens continue to lay well, and are very sociable!  They do, however, seem to be partial to painted toe nails!!  (Adults of course.)

Hamsters and Hedgehogs have been "up and away," as they worked on fluffy clouds for the carnival float.  Otters have been doing art and craft and creating enormous crowns, also for the float.  Squirrels have designed and made chairs for winning athletes... colours of course are red, white and blue.  Rabbits have been considering the body and the effects of exercise, involving lots of calculations.  They have also focused on "CORGIS!!"  Badgers have been studying the works of Shakespeare, and have "had a go" at composing in similar style.