Friday, 17 November 2017

Week Ending 17th November 2017

It has been a busy busy week this week at Eaton Bray Academy.  We have welcomed lots of visitors, including prospective parents and school governors, and several staff have been on training courses for various subjects over the week.

The EBA Enterprise children have been continuing with their exciting Christmas food related projects.  The Year Six children have been practising their menu for the Bray's Graze restaurant evening.  They prepared the stuffed chicken dish, which is to be one of their starters.

Year Fives made a further batch of sausage rolls this week, taking on board the advice they received last week from Mrs Van Den Bergh, and improving their recipes accordingly.  The delicious looking sausage rolls were sampled this week by Mr Vining who runs Heirloom Cafe in Edlesborough, and the children are eagerly waiting to find out which recipe will be the one to be sold in the cafe.

Squirrels Class children have been busy this week.  They have been writing stories based on the book "Willy the Dreamer", thinking about their own dreams, where they might go and who they might meet, and letting their imaginations fly!  They followed this up by making colourful dream catchers.

Squirrels and Otters Classes have been learning about Neil Armstrong, as part of their creative curriculum topic "Voyages Around the World".  They watched a film showing his expedition to the moon and pretended to be spacemen by walking around the room in astronaut style.  The children were fascinated to find out about Neil's footprints on the Moon, and created their very own lunar footprints out of clay.

In their Science lessons this week, Badgers Class children have been learning about what causes tooth decay, and how to prevent it.  By chewing a disclosing tablet from the dentist, the children were able to see if they had any plaque on their teeth - the affected areas turning a lovely shade of blue!  They were then shown the correct way to clean teeth using a model mouth before they brushed their own teeth.

In Deer Class, as part of the Rainforest topic, the children have been looking at the artwork of Henri Rousseau, and in particular his painting "Tiger in a Tropical Storm".  They have been working hard to create their own versions of this painting, with impressive results.

 Rabbits Class too have studied a famous painting this week.  They have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and have recreated their own versions of "The Starry Night".

Hamsters meanwhile, have also been making some lovely starry pictures - this time on the iPads.

Friday was a non uniform day, in return for a donation for the Christmas Fair.  Thank you to all parents and children who brought in a bottle or some sweets - we now have a lovely lot of prizes for our tombolas!