Friday, 9 December 2011

Week Ending 9th December 2011

Only one more week until the Festive Break! It will be a busy time with Christmas Parties on Monday and Tuesday, Christmas lunch on Wednesday, Games Day on Thursday and on Friday a "Pizza Party" and then evening sleepover for some!

... and now a selection of photographs from the Christmas Concert:


Friday, 2 December 2011

Week Ending 2nd December 2011

Another busy week has flown by, with only two left at School, until the festive break. The School is now decorated for Christmas, and looks magical and festive! The office staff even have lights around their computers!

There is a Sharing Assembly on Tuesday at 9am in the School Hall... the last one this year!

Our Christmas Fair last weekend was wonderfully supported, and it was lovely for Staff to chat to so many friendly faces from the past and present. Some photos of the event:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Week Ending 25th November 2011

The Christmas Spirit is upon us! Our boards are decorated with the theme of "Christmas Around the World" and the Concert is polished and professional.

Christmas in France - by Badgers

Christmas in America - by Otters

Henry's Holiday - by Hamsters

Christmas in Australia - by Hedgehogs

Concert dates: Tuesday 6th December at 2.00pm
Wednesday 7th December at 9.30am
Thursday 8th December at 5.30pm

There will be a collection before each performance commences, and drinks and nibbles available at the Tuesday and Wednesday shows.

Our hens are still laying eggs, and Henrietta seems to "on a high" at the moment, as she is often to be found on top of the hen house door!!

French is having an impact on us all, with many children using phrases throughout the day. A unit on "weather" has just been completed, so there could be family forecasts in French, around the breakfast table.

Children attending the sleepover have chosen their menu for breakfast, which our School cook will be up bright and early to prepare, with a loyal team of early bird helpers.

Sleepover date: 16th December

Friday, 18 November 2011

Week Ending 18th November 2011

On Tuesday, there was a very well attended Sharing Assembly, when some children shared their achievements. There were Babushka dolls / William Morris prints / marathon certificates / picture frames / pincer crabs / gymnastics and phonics. Well done to all!

Rehearsals for our Christmas Concert are well underway, and the children are even singing renditions around the playground. There will be two performances:
6th December at 2.00pm
8th December at 5.30pm

The corridors and hall are being decorated with the theme of "Around The World," so beware of snakes popping out of pots, from the realms of Africa!

Each class is gathering items for food hampers, from a variety of countries, so please give donations, as soon as possible, as the School Fair is on 26th November, when the hampers will be raffle prizes. Do come along and support us, as there will be lots of food and fun for all!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Week Ending 11th November 2011

We are romping ahead to Christmas, and parts for our Concert are cast. Most children will be dressed from countries around the World: Hawaii / Australia / India / America / China / Africa. It should prove to be a multi-cultural exciting and colourful event! We hope it will be enjoyed by all.

At Open Afternoon on Tuesday, we welcomed lots of visitors to join us for a tour of our School, as well as a chance to have tea and cake. Hedgehogs were adventurous with water-play activities, Otters were busy making crabs with moving legs! Squirrels were dressed in "Pirate" uniform, and all who entered had to "walk the plank!" Rabbits made wibbly wobbly jelly that made the hall smell rather fruity, whilst Badgers were creating William Morris designs.

Next Tuesday is a Sharing Assembly, when some children will share their achievements in the hall, at the beginning of the day.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Week Ending 4th November 2011

Welcome back!

Hopefully an enjoyable break was had by all, that will "keep us going" until Christmas.

During the half term break, a small number of children enjoyed various activities at our very first Eaton Bray Academy Holiday Club.

Don't forget, Holiday Club will be running again in the Christmas Holidays, and is open to children aged three and over attending this School, and Year 5 children with siblings at this School. We would love to have more children to join in the fun!

Dates for diaries:

* OPEN AFTERNOON (creative curriculum in action!): 8th November 2 - 3pm

* SHARING TIME (celebrate achievements): 15th November 9am

* CHRISTMAS FAYRE: 26th November 12.30 - 3.30pm

* ST.MARY's CHRISTMAS TREE EXHIBITION (decorated with dolls from around the World): 3rd & 4th December

* SHARING TIME: 6th December 9am

* CHRISTMAS CONCERT: 6th December 2pm / 8th December 5.30pm

* PARTIES: 12th December (Squirrels, Otters, Hedgehogs), 13th December (Rabbits, Badgers), 13th December (Hamsters)

* CHRISTMAS DINNER: 14th December

* GAMES DAY: 15th December


Friday, 14 October 2011

Week Ending 14th October 2011

Another half term is nearly gone! Next Monday evening is Consultation Evening, when parents have the opportunity to talk to teachers in the Hall, or simply look at their children's work. On Tuesday, there is a Sharing Assembly, when children from all classes may share their achievements.

Hamsters and Hedgehogs have completed their "A" frame shelter, made from bottles! Well done. They are having lots of fun travelling through it or hiding under it.

This week, work has started on the Christmas Concert, and lovely melodies have been heard floating up the corridor. All children from main School will be involved - the theme is "Christmas Around The World" - and hopefully parents will provide suitable costumes for their children. More details to follow, after casting is complete.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Week Ending 7th October 2011

Another busy week has flown by! Hamsters are still enjoying their sandpit and having fun in the sun. Hedgehogs "bottle"shelter is ready to be erected, so look out for a strange structure in the grounds.

Otters have been in the swim, and have made a lovely sea collage for the corridor. Squirrels made their own musical instruments, and enjoyed marching round the grounds, blowing, plucking, shaking and beating, as part of "Eaton Bray Academy" Band. Rabbits' focus has been history this week, and they enjoyed designing and then packing their suit cases, from Victorian times. Badgers have been working on adventurous haiku poems, and showed the great talent they have with adventurous language, in just seventeen syllables!

"The sea as dark as black night,
the screeching, seething storm cat
roars madly."

"Dolphins diving in the waves,
having so much fun,
such a lovely sight."

On Friday, we had Jeans for Genes Day, and collected for the charity.

Changes are happening in the kitchen decoration, so if anyone comes along for a delicious Wednesday lunch, after half term, a revamped cooking area will be complete.

Reminder: Consultation Evening - Monday 17th October.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Week Ending 30th September 2011

Monday was the AGM of the Home School Association. A new committee was formed and they are already planning for Christmas events.

On Tuesday, there was the first Sharing Assembly of the year, when children from all classes shared their achievements.

Hamsters have enjoyed exploring our Nature Trail, which made a lovely shady escape from the bright sun. Hedgehogs have been "under the sea" discovering jellyfish and sea anenomes. Squirrels Class had a Victorian visitor, dressed in long dress, shawl, bonnet and with a parasol, who answered lots of questions. Rabbits Class have had fun experimenting as scientists, with forces such as friction and gravity. Badgers Class have been investigating what life is like, in the sun, in Jamaica.

Some dates for the diary:

Quiz Night - 1st October
Jeans for Genes Day - 7th October
Consultation Evening - 17th October
Sharing Time - 18th October
Disco - 19th October
Half Term - 21st October

Friday, 23 September 2011

Week Ending 23rd September 2011

This week has been another busy time! On Monday evening there was a Maths Evening, when children demonstrated their knowledge of numbers to parents. Wednesday was the first meeting of Governors in the new School year, when there was an update of the creative curriculum, and of our Seaside Trip to Walton-on-the-Naze.

Hamsters have been having fun in their new sand pit, making sand castles and sand pies. Hedgehogs rock pool has lots of fishy friends floating in the seaweed, and has been very popular with everyone. Squirrels have been thinking of circles, spirals and spheres and made a display of beach balls in 2D and 3D. Rabbits have produced sculptures inspired by the Ocean, whilst Badgers have focused on Queen Victoria's summer residence - Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

Our produce from the allotment continues to provide variety in School dinners, as does fruit from our orchard. The children are thoroughly enjoying their meals, with favourites this week being vegetarian wraps and Bakewell tart.

On Tuesday our first Sharing Assembly of the new School year will be held at 9.00am.

Monday evening is the time for the HSA Annual General Meeting, so please do come along and support us.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Week Ending 16th September 2011

Welcome back!

We started the term with an exciting trip to Walton-on-the-Naze, and thought you might like to "share" our fantastic trip!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Week Ending 15th July 2011

This week, most of our children enjoyed bopping at the disco, and had lots of fun.

The last Sharing Assembly was on Tuesday, when the children celebrated their achievements. They shared "Mother Nature" collage / papier mache animals / piggy banks / rain catchers / spoon bugs / Horrid Henry books, and a magnificent Chinese coat, with mosaic dragons and flowers that was modelled by a Rabbit!!

On Friday, we will be practicing activities for Sports Day, which is on Tuesday afternoon, for main school, and morning for Pre-School. Do hope you can come along and support the event.

Next Friday is our last day of term, so...


Friday, 8 July 2011

Week Ending 8th July 2011

At the weekend, our School Float was awarded second place in the Carnival Procession. All aboard our pirate vessel, were turned out in their best finery, and a jolly time was enjoyed by all.

Forthcoming Events:

Tea and Tour: 11th July from 2.00pm

Open Evening: 11th July 5.30 - 7.00pm

Disco: 14th July 3.30 - 5.00

Sports Day: 19th July 1.45 - 3.30pm

Meet the Teachers: 20th July 9.00am

Meet New Classes: 20th July 11.00 - 12.00pm

Mufti Day and Games Day: 22th July

Back to School Barbecue: 3rd September 4.00 - 8.00pm


Friday, 1 July 2011

Week Ending 1st July 2011

In preparation for our "Seaside Excursion" in September, the children have been researching what needs to be discovered next term, about sea life. The hall board and surrounding area has been magically turned into a sea-scape. You will be able to share in the fun, if you come along to Open Evening on Monday 4th July from 5.30pm - 7.00pm. At the same time, there will be samples of food from the kitchen, to get those mouths watering!

This week, children in Badgers have been swimming, and are also busily preparing work for the Leavers' Tea and Tour on the afternoon of 11th July. Rabbits have been re-enacting scenes, in costume, on our very own Academy "battle field"... no major cause for concern... even Boudica seemed to survive!

Younger children have been investigating "Mother Nature" for art, and have been compiling textiles in the style of William Morris.... perhaps orders may soon be taken for soft furnishing designs!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Week Ending 24th June 2011

Another busy week has flown by! On Tuesday there was a Sharing Assembly, when children shared their achievements with their families. We had samples of Chinese stitching; a lighthouse with a flashing light; a funny story; snappy crocodiles... just to mention a few!

There have been science visitors, golf and tennis coaches. Practicing for Sports Day is already taking place, and the children are looking forward to sharing their skills with their families, on our special afternoon.

Our Summer Fayre was on Saturday and was well attended. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fun and games. The smell of delicious barbecued food wafted around the School. The wind seemd to keep the rain away, and, apart from the people who volunteered to be soaked by sponges, all managed to stay dry!!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Week Ending 17th June 2011

Despite the inclement weather, Open Gardens was well attended, and freshly baked scones and clotted cream, were consumed heartily. The consensus of opinion was that our Academy grounds were lovely, and our staff were friendly, kind and considerate!

On Monday, a visiting scientist held work shops on the themes of "Bubbles" and "Rockets." Tuesday's after school science club continues to be well attended, and the children enjoyed practical tasks and games.

Wednesday was a busy day for Badgers Class, as they went swimming in the morning and singing in the afternoon, at the Grove Theatre.

There was music in Hamsters as well, as they having been learning about Africa, listening to African music and drumming and reading the book Handa's Surprise.

Hedgehogs have been collecting hundreds of bottles for their eco-friendly shelter, which will be shared with all. They even made a striking collage from the bottle labels!

Otters have been growing seeds. Squirrels have been investigating how to make light boxes and solve the problem of how to make an electrical circuit, so that a seaside lighthouse could have a warning flashing light... we have some electricians "in the making!"

Rabbits have been astronauts and travelled round the Solar System in their originally designed rockets.