Friday, 1 July 2011

Week Ending 1st July 2011

In preparation for our "Seaside Excursion" in September, the children have been researching what needs to be discovered next term, about sea life. The hall board and surrounding area has been magically turned into a sea-scape. You will be able to share in the fun, if you come along to Open Evening on Monday 4th July from 5.30pm - 7.00pm. At the same time, there will be samples of food from the kitchen, to get those mouths watering!

This week, children in Badgers have been swimming, and are also busily preparing work for the Leavers' Tea and Tour on the afternoon of 11th July. Rabbits have been re-enacting scenes, in costume, on our very own Academy "battle field"... no major cause for concern... even Boudica seemed to survive!

Younger children have been investigating "Mother Nature" for art, and have been compiling textiles in the style of William Morris.... perhaps orders may soon be taken for soft furnishing designs!!