Friday, 27 November 2009

Week Ending 27th November 2009

This week we have been host to a pupil on work experience. It's been a great help to have an extra pair of hands at this busy time of year.

On Monday, we had a governor's visit, when we shared our art work. We did check before he left that we had not adorned him with glitter or glue. To the children's delight, they saw that his suit jacket's lining was purple, and of course imagined that the Fairy Godmother's magic had worked on our visitor too!!

Badgers have compiled an end of day thank you verse, and the most popular word was... "dynamite!" Everyone was impressed by the standard of ICT shown in the borders and pictures. A big thank you.

The children have been frequenting the Church and its grounds this week. On Thursday, a group of children helped to plant out the large flower beds on either side of the main entrance door. Please do give the areas a glance, on your next visit - a wonderful job done by many pairs of willing, hard working hands. we will be putting up a plaque, explaining that our School designed and planted up the gardens.

The Church was busy on Friday, when we went along for a practice, in preparation for our Service, on Monday 7th December, at 6 o'clock. Do come along and join in with our "Christmas Cheer". There will be singing / instrumentals / mince pies / wine / children's treats... and SANTA!!