Friday, 15 February 2013

Week Ending 15th February 2013

Another week that started with snow!

Fortunately this did not cause any closure, and only a few children could not reach us.  The children enjoyed the snow at lunch time play, and made some wonderful sculptures.

On Tuesday, there was a Sharing Assembly in the hall.  Many parents and visitors attended and braved the cold weather.  There was a wide range of achievements to be celebrated, including some didgeridoo music!

Tuesday was also Pancake Day, and many children enjoyed pancakes with their school dinner.  As you know, we like to invite parents, grandparents, and other adults connected with our School, to join us for a school dinner, and we were delighted to receive the following review of our lovely meals this week:

"My personal experience of school dinners has not so far been happy.  A particular grey/beige congealed spag bol served to me over 50 years ago still haunts me!

Despite this, I was happy to accept an invitation to lunch at Eaton Bray Academy today.  I was very impressed with the delicious roast chicken dinner on offer along with a pasta dish,  plenty of wonderful fresh vegetables, salad and fresh fruit plus a pancake option to mark Shrove Tuesday.  All this was prepared and cooked ‘in house’ to the highest standards.

The atmosphere was buzzing, with the children obviously enjoying the food they had chosen and being encouraged by the staff on duty to finish everything on their plates. 

What an improvement on the school dinners I remember!  Such a fresh and colourful spread of food at such a reasonable price.  Come and try for yourselves!"

Hamsters are continuing to have fun watching the builders.  They have also enjoyed the snow, during outdoor play times, and have been celebrating Chinese New Year with noodles and prawn crackers.

Hedgehogs have been dramatising "Hansel and Gretel", and enjoyed "hot-seating" the main characters.  Otters have been studying houses from past and present.  Squirrels have been thinking of "Punch and July" shows from the past, and are busily planning which puppets to make for a modern 2013 Puppet Production.  Rabbits have made a pop-up book, which all the School will be able to access and enjoy.  Badgers have been making advertisements for products from the past, and even had fun with a tin of Spam!

Next week is half term holiday, so enjoy the rest.

On return to School, the first week is History Week, when the children will rotate from Hedgehogs to Badgers, in the afternoons.

REMINDER: DRESS UP DAY ON THURSDAY 28th FEBRUARY (each class has already been informed of their topic)