Friday, 13 November 2015

Week Ending 13th November 2015

Hedgehogs Class was full of superheroes on Monday this week!  This was a special dress up day to celebrate the launch of "Little Big Writing", a fun teaching strategy aimed at children in the Early Years.  This scheme is designed to help children develop their language skills through talking and story telling, prior to them beginning to write.  The superheroes theme is one that certainly engages and inspires the children, and we look forward to lots of exciting, creative work from our youngest pupils!

Rabbits Class meanwhile, stepped back in time this week, with a trip to a Victorian School on Tuesday.  They visited St Albans Cathedral, where an authentic school room from the nineteenth century had been set up, complete with stern teachers, a dunce's cap, and the threat of the dreaded cane...!  The children all dressed up as Victorian children and were given a lesson on the "Three R's" and experienced "drill".  They all agreed that school today is a lot friendlier than it was in the olden days!

In the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to make clay tiles based on the elaborate floor tiles in the cathedral.

On their return to the twenty-first century, the children wrote accounts of their very interesting day out.

Squirrels Class also visited a place of worship on Tuesday - they walked down to St Mary's in Eaton Bray, to look at and sketch the stained glass windows.

 Wednesday was Remembrance Day, and once again, we honoured all that have served in conflict with a two minutes silence at 11.00am.  The whole of Main School gathered together in silence in the hall, and Pre-School also had quiet time.  As usual, we were very proud of our children, as even the youngest stood still and behaved very sensibly during this important event.

Wednesday was also Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, and children in Otters Class did some special work to find out more about the celebration.  They read the story of Rama and Sita together, then recreated the characters, retelling the story in their own words.  Meanwhile, Deer Class drew colourful rangoli designs in chalk on the path outside their classroom, which was a lovely Diwali surprise for Mrs Slatter on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, it was Foxes' Class Assembly.  They entertained parents with songs and African drumming, and shared some of the work that they have been doing this term, which includes WWII poems, poppy pictures and learning about the life of Sir Isaac Newton.  Many parents attended, and afterwards were treated to a cup of tea or coffee, and a cake!

Badgers Class have been doing some wonderful scientific investigation.  They froze a rubber glove full of water, and spent the day observing their "frozen hand", measuring it at hourly intervals, noting how the weight changed as the hand melted.

Friday saw everyone dressing up once again!  Or should that be dressing down, because the theme was pyjamas!  In return for being able to come to school in pyjamas, dressing gowns or onesies, everyone bought in sweets or a bottle for the Christmas Fair.

The Year 6 Enterprise team, wearing their onesies, turned their hands to making crêpes on Friday afternoon.  This will be one of the desserts on offer at their Brasserie Bray restaurant evening in December.  The Year 5 group meanwhile, have been making very inviting looking salad dishes during their weekly Enterprise sessions.

On Saturday, there will be an adults Quiz Night at school.  Lots of tickets have been sold, so we look forward to a good, fun evening, with plenty of brain stretching questions being asked!