Friday, 28 November 2014

Week Ending 28th November 2014

The Christmas spirit is evident in our School now, with lots of Christmas music, pictures, and of course, the lovely tree in the Hall.  Dress rehearsal for the Key Stage One concert is imminent, and lines and acting are being fine polished! Please do come along and share this special time with us either on Tuesday 9th December at 9.30am, or Thursday 11th December at 2.30pm.

The corridor boards are decorated - the theme is "Christmas Carols." Can you guess which carol is represented by each of the boards? (Sorry, no prizes for guessing!)


On Monday, Mr Hounslow's Year 5 and 6 Grammar Class had a very special outing (in our minibus) to the University of Bedfordshire. They had a tour of the University, saw a bit of student life, and joined a class of Masters students studying the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.  They all enjoyed their visit, and many have come back planning their future careers as University students!

On Tuesday, it was "Spanish Day" in the School Kitchen. Mr Wallis and his team cooked paella, tortilla, and a variety of other tasty Spanish food.  The children all enjoyed their taste of Spain!

The minibus got used again on Friday, when Mrs Hawkes took two teams of Key Stage Two children to Houghton Academy, to take part in a cross country tournament with a number of other local schools.  Years 5 and 6 went in the morning, with years 3 and 4 following in the afternoon.  The children were especially excited, as for the first time, they could wear our new red Eaton Bray Academy "high-vis" tabards (they looked great!)  The course was about a mile, and our children took part with great enthusiasm and much success, with a number achieving places in the top twenty, and a few in the top five!  Please keep an eye on the Sports page of our website for the results, which will be announced at a later date.

The big event of the week is, of course, the Christmas Fayre on Saturday. Please do come along and support us, and have a fun filled afternoon!