Friday, 13 September 2019

Week Ending 13th September 2019

So another new school year starts at Eaton Bray Academy! We have been pleased to welcome several new children this term, as well as some new staff - we hope they all enjoy their time with us.

The children have all settled into their new classes and are getting to know their teachers and surroundings. The youngest children, in Hamsters Class have being having a lovely time playing in the sunshine!


At the other end of the school, our new Year Six children in Deer Class are very excited about their EBA Enterprise Restaurant, which is set to open later this term. Named "Mount Foodius", this year's restaurant will serve Italian food, and the children have already decided on their delicious menu!

This week their task was to make tiramisu...


Rabbits children started looking at their Science topic of Rocks and Soils. The children looked at different images of rock from extremely close up to a wider view. They also did a scientific investigation to find out what could be learnt from the contents of the rubbish bin - which they all found fascinating! In their history lessons they began to find out about life in the Stone Age and enjoyed a "camp fire" in the classroom.


Badgers Class have also been working really hard! They have started their Science topic of "Changing State", written a balanced argument in English, learnt how to say "Hello", "What's your name?" and "How are you?" in French and lots more!

In Art Badgers are looking at Hokusai, and the children did some excellent wave pictures using a medium of their choice. They will continue to experiment along this theme as they progress through Kensukes Kingdom, which the children are really enjoying.

Our value for cooperation has been in full force this week too - Badgers have had an excellent start to their new year!


Foxes Class are reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and learning about people who think they have seen UFOs. For their writing, the children have been creating fantasy recounts based on "What if I saw a UFO last night?"

They have also teamed up with Berkeley University in America in their search for alien life, helping them to analyse data and information that they have collected from space. We’ll let you know if they find anything!

The Search for Aliens!

Hedgehogs children have enjoyed the first week in their new reception class.  The children are settling in well and are getting used to all the new routines which they have to learn.  All the Hedgehogs staff have been very proud of their good behaviour.  Well done! 

The children  have been making their own hedgehogs for a display in the Key Stage One corridor.  After a short discussion about hedgehogs, the children decided they wanted to make a hedgehog with real prickles so they all went outside into our beautiful school grounds to search for suitable materials. The children then sorted the materials into long, short and spiky "prickles", before colouring the base of their hedgehog and arranging and sticking the prickles on it.


What a busy first week! And as usual there are also lots of opportunities for children to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities this term including football, ballet, tap dance, cross country, choir, Spy Club, Art Club and maybe soon, also basketball and gymnastics! We are also able to offer piano, violin and guitar lessons with our visiting music teachers.

We are all looking forward to ROSE Day next week - Respect Our School Environment - which takes place on Friday 20th September. This will be a day of action for staff, children and parents, to improve our school environment - picking litter, planting seeds and bulbs, rebuilding our allotment to allow us to once again produce fruit and vegetables to use in school dinners.