Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Week Ending 20th December 2007

Our "Choices" subjects for this half term have finished. We are looking forward to selecting a choice from five new topics in the New Year.

On Monday, we had our Christmas dinner. The builders of our new Nursery joined us, saying it made a change from their usual packed lunches! After lunch, Mrs Hounslow hosted a "Talent Show" in the hall - just the remedy for tired children and staff!

Our Christmas parties were on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a very special visitor in attendance - initials F.C...

On the last day of this term, we had a Games Day, when children were able to mingle in all rooms!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Week Ending 7th December 2007

We have had a very busy week.

On Saturday we held our Advent Fair, which was a great success, bringing in plenty of profit which will go towards our Nursery building. The children were delighted to discover that Santa had come along, and he was kept very busy giving out presents all afternoon. Thanks go to everyone who came along and supported the school.

Everybody has been involved with the Concert performances of "Countdown to Christmas", which were held in the hall on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening. The children were outstanding, as usual, and sang, danced and acted in a very professional manner. They made us laugh with their jokes, and moved some of us to tears, in the emotional rendition of "Immanuel". A parent was heard to say, "It's amazing, they just get better and better." We agree! Our ex-pupils, who are now in Year Five, came back for a tea party before the Concert, and then had front row seats. They were very proud of their younger brothers and sisters.

Hedgehogs' performance of "Humph the Camel" was very entertaining, and enjoyed by their parents and friends, as well as by Squirrels Class. They had obviously worked very hard on their songs, and had even made their own backdrops. Three cheers for Hedgehogs!

On Tuesday we had our last Sharing Assembly of 2007. We also heard that we have been awarded the "Active School Mark" for our broad PE curriculum.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Week Ending 30th November 2007

Another week gone!

Our Christmas concert is nearly ready for public consumption - next week will be busy, with our school full of guests for the performances on Tuesday and Wednesday, and for Hedgehogs' Christmas play on Friday.

On Wednesday, our School Cook was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates from Eden Foods, who congratulated her on winning "Cook of the Year" for Bedfordshire. The applause resounded around the hall, as we all feel very proud of her.

This week, members of our School Council were selling diaries in the Hall, at break time. The diaries were sold out in a couple of days, and the healthy profit will be spent on items decided on by the Council members.

Members from the Eaton Bray Parish Council are meeting our School Council on Friday. They will exchange ideas and thoughts, in the School Hall, during lunch break.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Week Ending 23rd November 2007

An exciting week! Our nursery is getting higher and higher. The children had an exciting time watching the gigantic crane moving steel girders into position.

On Tuesday evening, our Governors' Meeting was well attended. We look forward to seeing them at our Christmas Concert next month. The stage blocks will be in position next week - all our children have an important part to play, and everybody is planning their costumes.

Our School Cook has become "School Cook of the Year" for Bedfordshire. Her winning meal was "Spicy Beef Wraps" and "Banoffee Yogurt Cup". Well done! Ready for the next round.

The HSA had a meeting to finalise plans for our "Advent Fair" on 1st December at 12 o'clock. Do try to come along and have some fun and do some Christmas shopping!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Week Ending 16th November 2007

Our school has been full of newspapers this week - not for protecting the tables from glue, during our design and technology activity week - but with staff and pupils eager to read the fantastic articles about our outstanding Ofsted report! This is now online at the Ofsted website and can be read here.

The Nursery block is rising, as the blog is being written, and has advanced rapidly this week.

Design and Technology this week has allowed us to be well ahead with our Christmas cards, calendars and gifts. Many of our ideas were linked to our whole School Target for Maths, which focuses on shape. Rabbits' Christmas tree pyramid cards are very glittery and covered with a variety of shapes, including pentagons and hexagons! Squirrels made cylindrical cards adorned with jewels and spherical baubles (obtained from our "Aladdin's Cave." - we are looking forward to seeing Aladdin soon at Milton Keynes Theatre.)

The hall is being prepared for our Christmas Concert, and is adorned with a gigantic Christmas cracker... jokes to follow next week, after our ICT bumper print out.

As usual our corridors and entrance area are based on the pantomime we are going to see. Let's hope the genie by Mrs Hounslow's office will not frighten too many of our visitors, as the lights flash on and off, and the music resounds!

Friday, 9 November 2007

Week Ending 9th November 2007

The foundations for our new Nursery are laid! It was very exciting, seeing the cement lorries arriving and tipping in their contents.

Another reason for celebrating...

Our Ofsted Report is OUTSTANDING, in twenty-seven areas out of twenty-nine. Naturally, we are elated at such a result. Our report will soon be available to read on the Ofsted website, so do please take a look, if you have not had a copy from school already, as a parent. On Friday, the local press came along and took some special photographs. Do buy the local newspapers next week! Our cook made a special "Ofsted Cake", and each class had a surprise task to celebrate our success.

On Wednesday, all the children had their photographs taken by our Hedgehog teacher, who is also a very competent photographer. I'm sure they would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Rehearsals are underway for our Christmas Concert, and the parts have been allocated. we are now making props and backdrops, in all classes.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Week Ending 2nd November 2007


We returned after our half term holiday, to the sight of diggers and bulldozers in our school grounds! Yes... our new Nursery building has begun!

On Tuesday, we had a school disco, with the theme of "Around the World". The costumes were colourful and imaginative, and did not restrict movement! All the staff realised the age difference between them and the pupils, as the music did seem rather loud...

Our topic this week has been Geography, and Barnaby Bear has been travelling at home and abroad.

Our Friday afternoon "Choices" change for this half term. The Choices now are: art; food technology; science experiments; board games and orienteering. What fun!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Week Ending 19th October

A very busy week for all of us, as we had several important events. We had our Ofsted Inspection on Tuesday, which coincided with our Sharing Assembly. Some children from all classes showed their work, and celebrated achievements in phonic work, literacy, gymnastics and history. A Badger played the piano beautifully, as we came in , and as we left the hall.

On Thursday evening, we had our Consultation Evening, when parents shared their children's work, and met Class Teachers.

We completed a week of religious education in all classes. The mirrors were used a lot, but not so that we, the teachers, could preen ourselves, but as an aid for Foundation and KS1 children investigating the topic "Me!"
KS2 children investigated the items on the Seder Plate.

On Friday, we participated in our last session of the current choices selection. We are looking forward to new challenging choices, after half-term.

Enjoy your holiday!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Week Ending 12th October

This week we had a visit from a skipping specialist. Each class had a turn in the hall, discovering just what fun one can have with a skipping rope. The morning culminated with a "Skipping Assembly", when some children demonstrated the skills they had learnt in a short space of time. It was amazing to see the speed and dexterity of our children. The staff are to practice in half term, to try to achieve similar results!!!

Design and Technology this week has resulted in some lovely houses and home designs by Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Rabbits have been designing and making photograph frames - some designs should be patented, we feel! Badgers have been making sandwiches for their teacher's birthday tea, which conveniently fell on Wednesday. Happy birthday!

Friday, 5 October 2007

Week Ending 5th October 2007

This week, Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating "The Jolly Postman", for geography. On Tuesday, Dave, our local postman, visited, and explained just what his job entailed. He kindly let the children see his van, and his wet weather clothing. Two of our children were unrecognisable, as they put on the rather large outfits! We have an Eaton Bray School post box, which is already full of exciting letters to "The Three Bears".

Rabbits have been on the Island of Struay this week, with Katie Morag, and had to ask our Scottish teacher for a little help with a few strange words!!! (celidah - pronounced "kay-lee").

Badgers have been investigating India, and were surprised to discover that a flight there need not be very expensive.

On Wednesday evening, there was a Full Governors' Meeting in the school hall. The decision was made to commence building our new Nursery. We were pleased to welcome a new governor, and a returning Chair of Governors.

The children and staff were delighted to have a visit from an ex-member of staff, on Thursday.

On Friday, we held "Jeans for Genes" Day, when the children wore denim outfits. We collected over £100 for the association.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Week Ending 28th September 2007

This week, we have completed our Science topics. the children were amaxed to discover how many bones there are in their bodies. Our "Funnybones" skeleton visited all Key Stage 1 and Foundation classes. One boy said "Oh, I've never shaken a skeleton's hand before!"

On Friday we held an International Harvest Day. The children had the opportunity to visit each of our classrooms.

Badgers: Spain

Rabbits: China

Squirrels: France

Hedgehogs: Italy

Each child recorded their visits in their own personal passport, which was stamped on entry to each of their countries. Many subjects were encompassed in the day, including: Geography, Maths, ICT, Drama, English, Design and Technology and Music. In Squirrels Class, the only way to enter was by passing under the Eiffel Tower, which proved quite a feat for some of our taller Mums and Dads!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Week Ending 21st September 2007

This week, the focus has been on History. We now feel we truly understand how people lived in Victorian times!

Lunch time clubs have resumed, and the children may currently chose from Maths; Origami; ICT; Orienteering and Art. Our Homework Club, as ever, remains very popular, with great anticipation about our new "cool peppermint" smelling sticker award for regular attendance.

The School Council gathered for their first official photograph this week.

Our "Pupils of the Week" - one from each class - were applauded in our first Sharing Assembly of this term, and the mystery of our first "Star Pupil" of the school was uncovered this week, also in Sharing Assembly.

Key Stage two staff have commenced further training in ENR (Early Numeracy Research) and ERR (Early Reading Research). We are now the hosting school for visiting teachers also participating in this teaching scheme.

Our numbers are growing steadily, and this week we have welcomed another two new pupils.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Week Ending 14th September 2007

This week, we have focused on art.

Each class has completed an art topic - Badgers Class made a wonderful range of three dimensional chairs.

On Friday, the school holds a "Choices" session. Children across the key stages can participate in philosophy, garden design, foreign languages, global learning or multi skills P.E.

Friday is also the day when we celebrate our "Pupil of the Week" in each class, and our "Star of the School" - to be displayed on a glittery extravaganza!!!

Our dedication to gardening has been rewarded by gigantic sunflowers in Badgers' garden, and a selection of carrots from Hedgehogs, that have proved to a be a very tasty ingredient in school dinners. Squirrels "beach" garden is now complete, with the addition of holiday shells, and windmills.

Tennis has been resumed in Rabbits Class - two coaches guided them on technique.

Badgers Class participated in a French lesson, with a visiting specialist, and will have regular French and Spanish lesson, with Miss Wells.

We have been fortunate to have a P.G.C.E student in school, and the extra help has been much appreciated - thank you!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


The penultimate week and still lots of hard work ongoing. Monday was Induction morning for the new children who will be in Hedgehog class, starting in September. It also saw Tea and Tour for the leavers in Badgers class. This involves the children and their parents having a light tea and looking around the school to relive all their happy memories throughout their stay with us.

Tuesday was our scarecrow sculpture day. All the classes took part throughout the day. Our huge thanks to Beccy Haydon for spending quality time with us. Check out our web site for photographs of the finished scarecrows or better still they are on show outside each classroom's garden.

Some of our year four leavers spent the day at their new school on Wednesday and the rest of the children in school spent a couple of hours in their new classes.

It was the fiddle fiesta on thursday this event is held in an upper school and all schools in the county are invited to participate some children form our school attended. Open evening was on Thursday parents come along with their children and look at their work thay have done throut the year.

To finish the week off the staff all went for a meal to say good bye to Mrs Howes who sadly will be leaving us at the end of term.

Friday, 6 July 2007


Week Ending 6th July 2007

Our week started with a Teacher Training day. Much of the day was spent in meetings and tidying up the school all ready for September. Miss Carling attended a Co-ordinator's Course on that day. On Tuesday Mrs Hounslow and Mrs Matthews visited a local school and Badger's Class had their 5th swimming session. Miss Wells attended a Numeracy Course on Wednesday and we were lucky enough to have two outstanding traninee teachers helping for the rest of the week. There was excitement in Hedgehogs and Squirrels on Thursday as their butterfly eggs have changed into cocoons! The children are eagerly awaiting the next stage. Hedgehogs have also received some ladybird eggs to observe. Squirrels were busy finishing their piggybanks too. On Friday Mrs Matthews visited the playgroup to see those children starting in September. Finally the children were preparing for our scarecrow-making day next Tuesday.

Friday, 29 June 2007


Despite the inclement weather our Summer Fair went very well. This was the first time we have held the event on a Sunday. Luckily some brave souls came out to join in the fun and spend lots of money.
Badger class had another swimming lesson on Tuesday and they seem to be gaining in confidence.
The Children entertained our visitors from Northall Age Concern on Wednesday afternoon. The whole School performed some old time music hall favourites and this was followed by some of the children playing musical instruments, and dancing. Afterwards Badger class served our guests with a light tea. One of the guests spoke to the children and said how much they had enjoyed themselves.
Today was Shades Day. At 10am we had a special assembly where Valerie, who works for Guide Dogs for the Blind, talked to us about what guide dogs do and how they are trained. We tried on some glasses which helped us to understand what it's like to be blind. At the end a few lucky children got to stroke Sheba the trainee guide dog who was only ten weeks old!

Friday, 22 June 2007


Badgers started the week by taking part in the Dunstable Lower Schools Music Association Old Time Music Hall singing on a wonderful day like today. Everybody enjoyed themselves and lots of people commented on their excellent singing.

On Wednesday Badgers had their class trip - what an exciting week they had. They went to the Verulameum Museum and a fantastic day was had by all especially as it didn't rain!

Miss Carling attended a gym course on Wednesday which she thoroughly enjoyed even if she had to do head stands, cartwheels and handstands!

Also on Wednesday one of our governors came to observe Design and Technology.

On Thursday Miss Carling went to Leedon Lower School for a learning walk - this is when the two schools visit each other to gain ideas from various aspects of teaching.

Mrs Matthews had a meeting with a lady about Global Learning all very interesting - no doubt you will hear more about this in the near future.

Today the HSA have been hard at work preparing for our summer fair on Sunday. We are hoping for glorious sunshine and we look forward to seeing you there if you have some free time it's from 12.30 to 3.00.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Week Ending 15th June 2007

Our class gardens are looking good now. Hedgehog class were able to eat some of the radishes from their garden, organically grown of course! The Squirrel class garden has a sea-side theme and is looking great!
We had a Sharing Assembly on Tuesday. The children showed their special work and spoke up in big voices to tell us about why they had been chosen. One five year old read his whole reading book beautifully.
On Wednesday we had our cookery evening which was well attended. Our kitchen manager Tania Watkin did a fantastic job demonstrating some barbeque and picnic recipes.How does she do it? It all tasted delicious. Most of the recipes are in our school cook book, available for £5 from the school office.
There was great excitement on Wednesday when our caterpillars arrived in the post. Each child in Foundation stage or keystage one has their own caterpillar in a container so they can observe how they grow and change. More about this in the next few weeks.
As part of our Geography work we have sent Barnaby Bear to Turkey and Travelling Hedgehog to the Isle of Wight with some of our children. We are hoping that they bring back photos and tell us about their experiences.
Our village carnival is in a couple of weeks. Work has started on our float and places have been allocated. Children have been very busy preparing items. The theme for the floats is 'Adverts.' Which advert are we using? Shh It's top secret!

Friday, 8 June 2007

Week Ending 8th June 2007

Our first week back after half term and a busy one too! We have been so lucky this week to have a student on work experience from Vandyke Upper School. She has been working with children in every class and will be sorely missed by adults and children alike. It's been another sporty week in Badgers Class. They started their first swimming lesson at Tiddenfoot pool in Leighton Buzzard and began a block of six cricket coaching sessions on Wednesday run by a Community Cricket Coach. Two of Badgers Class took part in The Race for Life at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes on Sunday. Congratulations to them both!
A great time was had by all on the Rabbits Class trip to The Science Museum in London. It was very hands-on and the children produced some lovely reports on their return.
Finally HSA are looking forward to their Cookery Evening on Wednesday 13th June. Remember to get your tickets from the school office. All proceeds are going towards purchasing laptops for the school.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Week Ending 25th May 2007

This week was very exciting as all of Mrs Norton's hard work paid off with the school being awarded Artsmark Silver.

We celebrated the last week of half term in style by the children completing a sponsored walk, to raise money for laptops. The School Council had this fantastic idea.

Rabbits had a sad week as it was the last week of golf which they enjoyed immensely. All is not lost though as Miss Wells attended a Tri-golf course and tried hard! Miss Wells also attended a maths course to keep up to date with the latest Government changes in numeracy. What a busy teacher!

The children and teachers in Rabbits and Badgers have worked very hard completing their SATS.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Week Ending 18th May 2007

The end of another busy week at school!We had a busy Sharing Assembly on Tuesday. Many Parents came to see their children explain why they had been chosen and show their lovely work. We had a visit from Keith Scott, our Education Officer who enjoyed his look around our school. We also had several visits from prospective parents.
The Home School Association had a meeting. They have lots of ideas for forthcoming events- our summer fayre, the cookery evening and the village carnival. Plans are being made for our carnival float.
Hedgehog class have been planting seeds in their garden. They hope to have another bumper crop of vegetables like last year! Some classes have been busy with their Sats. These should be finished next week. On Friday Mrs Matthews was able to take the class photos and one of the whole school. Thank goodness the sun was shining!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Week Ending 11th May 2007

A short week due to Bank HolidayMonday, but still plenty happening. The children in Hedgehog class have had fun observing snails as part of their finding out about the world lesson. Rabbit class continue to improve with their golf skills, Nick the coach (professional golfer) said that the children are progressing well with quite a few budding golfers! Badger class have been busy making Roman shields as part of their History lesson, they will be on display in their classroom.
Mrs Hounslow has been showing prospective parents around the School.
After School Club has become so popular Mrs McLaurie has been appointed to assist Mrs Barker and Mrs Cooney. We will soon need extra help at Breakfast club!
Due to wet weather the Class photographs will now take place next Friday weather permitting!
Our Friday afternoon ICT club still has places if you would like to come and join us.
The School Council were keen to organise a collection for the Blue Peter Shoe Biz Appeal, they have managed to collect 114 pairs of shoes so far.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Week Ending 4th May 2007

What another busy week at our school! Due to such glorious weather at the start of the week, Hedgehogs were able to visit our pond and enjoyed looking at the tadpoles. Rabbits and Badgers were also able to study outside. Rabbits investigated the nature trail as part of their RE topic - The Earth. Badgers are still looking at local habitats in science and this week they also had a walk around the nature trail to collect animals to study closely in class.
During our first Sharing assembly of the term, children from every class were able to tell us all about the wonderful work they have been doing. What an energetic week too! Rabbits have continued with their tennis and golf lessons. Even Mrs. Hounslow has been keeping fit on a PE course.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Week Ending 27th April 2007

We have had a busy week this week starting with tennis for Rabbits on Monday and Tuesday. Miss Wells went to Northfields for a tag rugby course which she thoroughly enjoyed! Badgers have been pond dipping as they are studying habitats in science. On Tuesday the HSA have planned some exciting events for this term. Also the School Council met on Friday to begin to organise a sponsored walk to raise money for laptop computers for the children to use in the classrooms. Last but not least we would like to welcome a new family to our school who started on Monday.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Week Ending 20th April 2007

Our first week back after the Easter holidays. We had some new 4 year olds start school. It has been a busy but calm week.
We have had Road Safety visits from our local Police officers and PCSO's.
Golf sessions have also started with our Year 2 children. The tri-golf is run by Tilsworth Golf Club and will be on a weekly basis. The children thought it was fantastic. Nick the professional golfer praised the children for their excellent behaviour and their co-ordination skills.
We are really excited about our forthcoming Nursery. The planning notices are now on the school gates!
Our ICT club for members of the community continues as usual.