Friday, 11 November 2016

Week Ending 11th November 2016

Science has been the theme in Key Stage Two this week, with Badgers Class doing experiments to find out all about volumes of liquid, and Deer learning about electrical circuits.

On Thursday, the School Hall was transformed into an exciting space exploration centre, when visitors from the Astronomy Roadshow came in with their mobile planetarium.  This consisted of a huge inflatable dome, with plenty of room inside for a class of children to sit and gasp at the fantastic 360 degree interactive presentations, which were projected onto the inside of the dome.

Key Stage Two children found out about the sun, moon and the planets in our solar system.  They were told all about gravity and were amazed to discover how much less a can of beans would weigh on Pluto and how much more it would weigh on the sun!  They enjoyed learning about the moon landings, and were able to investigate displays of model rockets and space patches from the space programme.  They also had the opportunity to handle pieces of meteorite and volcanic rock.

Our younger children meanwhile, have been very creative this week, with Hedgehogs stretching out in the hall to enjoy art activities!  They also used plasticine to form numbers.

Hamsters Class have been thinking about weather and the seasons, remembering fireworks night and making a wonderfully colourful display, by blowing paint through straws.  They went on a lovely walk in the park, and were very excited by the first frost and ice of the year - their story for this week was "Jack Frost", and it seems he visited at just the right time!

The Year Five EBA Enterprise team were visited this week by the local butcher, Mr Hines, who showed them how to make burgers.  They used a variety of different meats, which was kindly donated by Mr Hines, and added their own choice of additional ingredients and flavourings.  These included mushrooms, apples, barbecue sauce, tzatziki, and even biscuits and icing sugar!

The finished products were cooked and served, beautifully garnished, for Mr Hines to taste, and give his expert verdict.  He concluded that some of the more unusual ingredients made the burger surprisingly tasty!

On Friday, a team of Year Four children went off in the minibus to Dunstable Leisure Centre to take part in an indoor athletics tournament.  They participated in relays and sprints, long jump, obstacle races, javelin and other events.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting and competing with children from other local schools.

Our value for this half term is "Peace".  The children have been thinking about the importance of living in friendship and harmony with others, avoiding conflict, and abiding by laws that keep us all safe.  On Friday, we acknowledged Remembrance Day, along with thousands of others across the British Isles, by observing a two minutes silence at 11.00am.