Friday, 27 March 2009

Week Ending 27th March 2009

This week Rabbits met their new class teacher, who will be joining us in the summer term. Both parties were very excited!

We now have a bird hide in our grounds. the children will finish it off by adorning it with camouflage leaves and twigs. Thank you to our Year 4 pupil who thought of the brilliant idea! So you see, wishes do come true. we try hard to accommodate the children's ideas and hence we get enthusiasm and commitment from them.

Year Four children are busy sketching ideas for their copper sculpture, and have already thought of some wonderful original ideas. Watch this space to see which design is chosen.

Another amazing change occurred in our School on Wednesday - the P.E. cupboard was transformed into an Egyptian tomb! This explains why our head teacher shrieked in fright, as she went to set up some equipment, only to be faced by a mummified body!!

The School is full of Easter bunnies and chicks... not the fluffy varieties; just wonderful Easter card designs. On Thursday, key stage one children had an "Easter Parade" - it was like being on the set of "My Fair Lady", as the wonderful hat creations strolled by!! There is even a wonderful Easter tree in Hamster. They also now have their very own "Mud Pie Menagerie", outdoors, and indoors, they have a magnificent mural, in the entrance. It depicts a garden scene, and if you look closely, you will see that the flowers are little hand prints. well done Hamsters! We are hoping to have a patio set to complete the entrance area.

Next week, lots of news about our Woburn Safari visit...