Friday, 24 April 2009

Week Ending 24th April 2009

During the Easter break, our School grounds have been improved even more, and outside Badgers Class, there is now a wonderful "Lollipop" Sculpture Garden, based on Kandinsky. The Library Garden now has a rainbow coloured "hoop" edging, with a gravel garden. Our School cook has already had some rhubarb from the allotment, to pop in a crumble. Inside, in our Nursery, there is now a wonderful sound proofed glass partition upstairs. Downstairs, our Nursery entrance has a magnificent garden mural, based on Hamsters hand prints. The area is also enhanced by a bright blue patio set, where visitors can rest their weary feet!

Rabbits have a new class teacher this term. They have been "Travelling the World" already, as our foundation subject this week has been geography.

Squirrels have been investigating maps and plans, and even designed their "idyllic classroom", which included an ice cream parlour and an aquarium!! "Bee-Bop" (the robot bee) now has a new grid to travel around, designed on the layout of our School, by some year two pupils. They have already shared it with younger children, who have had an exciting time, taking it from one part of our School to another.

Badgers have been studying village settlements, and had to consider the physical and human features of their ideal village.

Hedgehogs have been on safari to Tanzania, and have found out about the different animals and culture.

Next week there is a Cookery Evening in the Hall, hosted by our talented cook. The theme is "Budget Meals" - so come along for a tasty fun evening.