Friday, 24 May 2013

Week Ending 24th May 2013

The wonderful highlight of this week was our Main School outing to London.  Coaches left School at 9 o'clock, and arrived by the River Thames at 11 o'clock.  Our transport was ready and waiting... so off we went!

 Having seen and photographed all the sights, we then hopped back into the coach for a trip to Trafalgar Square, and the National and Portrait Galleries.  The children all enjoyed looking around the galleries, and particularly liked the pictures of the younger members of our Royal Family (William, Kate and Harry) and the portrait of David Beckham asleep!  We were delighted that gallery staff commented on how well behaved our children were - well done children, you were a credit to our school!

The day in the words of one of our Year Two children:
       "On Wednesday we went to London. First we got on coaches and went to London. We went on the M1. When we arrived at London we got on a boat. We saw lots of famous buildings like Big Ben, London Eye, The Gerkin, The Shard, Tower Bridge and lots more! Then we ate our lunch then we got off and got on coaches to the National Gallery and saw alsorts of famous pictures and sculptures. Some pictures were African, some were Indian and lots more countries. It was FANTASTIC! Then we went back home.!