Friday, 11 December 2009

Week ending 11th December 2009

The penultimate week before our Christmas break has flown by. Our School is looking bright and cheerful, with a lot of glitter and sparkle - due to our "Cinderella" pantomime theme. (We are going to Milton Keynes Theatre in the beginning of January to see the pantomime "Cinderella")

St Mary's Church was packed on Monday evening, as we entertained hundreds to a musical, mince pie soiree. We have had rave reviews! Father Christmas made a surprise visit and left chocolate treats for the children.

On Thursday, we had a science visitor for the morning, who worked with Badgers Class on "Slime and Gloop", as this week we have been investigating changing materials.

Our last Choices for this term will be on Friday, and we will have a new selection to choose from next year.

May we all wish you a very merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy, prosperous New Year.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Week Ending 4th December 2009

This week, we have had lots of visitors, from very young to rather elderly. On Monday afternoon, there was an "Induction Afternoon", for Hamsters, and on Wednesday, a Christmas tea party for about thirty elderly citizens. They were entertained with singing / recorders / piano recital, and the afternoon culminated with a delicious tea, and tour of our lovely School. Badgers acted as tour guides, and answered the many questions, as well as acting as waiters and waitresses.

Congratulations to some children in Rabbits Class, who have won a prize in a poetry competition. They entered shape poems, and worked very hard on the original content and layouts.

Our afternoon focus this week has been religious education. Squirrels had a journey to Bethlehem, with Mary and Joseph leading the way, accompanied by a musical tribe! Hedgehogs were amazed as we passed through their room, and made favourable remarks about the costumes. Rabbits used their imagination to invent a new celebration day, whilst Badgers thought about the meaning behind stained glass windows, even designing their own unique ones.

On Friday we held a final rehearsal in the Church, where we saw the lovely new plaque in the garden that we designed and created. Do come along next Monday to St Mary's at 6 o'clock, and join us for a musical extravaganza!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Week Ending 27th November 2009

This week we have been host to a pupil on work experience. It's been a great help to have an extra pair of hands at this busy time of year.

On Monday, we had a governor's visit, when we shared our art work. We did check before he left that we had not adorned him with glitter or glue. To the children's delight, they saw that his suit jacket's lining was purple, and of course imagined that the Fairy Godmother's magic had worked on our visitor too!!

Badgers have compiled an end of day thank you verse, and the most popular word was... "dynamite!" Everyone was impressed by the standard of ICT shown in the borders and pictures. A big thank you.

The children have been frequenting the Church and its grounds this week. On Thursday, a group of children helped to plant out the large flower beds on either side of the main entrance door. Please do give the areas a glance, on your next visit - a wonderful job done by many pairs of willing, hard working hands. we will be putting up a plaque, explaining that our School designed and planted up the gardens.

The Church was busy on Friday, when we went along for a practice, in preparation for our Service, on Monday 7th December, at 6 o'clock. Do come along and join in with our "Christmas Cheer". There will be singing / instrumentals / mince pies / wine / children's treats... and SANTA!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Week Ending 20th November 2009

We have been finalising details for our Christmas gathering in St Mary's Church, on Monday 7th December, at 6 o'clock. Please come along with your children, and join us in a musical, mince pie and mystery extravaganza! (Don't worry children there will be juice and biscuits for you!) Our school has volunteered to help design and create two new gardens in the Church grounds. Work has begun, involving box hedging, lavender and bulbs. Please admire it as you pass on your way on the 7th December, and pause to consider all the hard work and dedication of our children, and a willing adult gardener. It's so nice to help and put ideas into reality, in a short period of time.

On Thursday there was a Fashion Show, in the hall. Thanks to all our models, who looked very professional as they "strutted their stuff".

Foundation topic this week has been design and technology. The children have enjoyed making Christmas cards / calendars and gifts. Squirrels have made salt dough tree decorations, Rabbits have made velvet Christmas stockings, with sewn on applique. Hedgehogs have transformed their entrance into Cinderella and Prince Charming's palace. They are planning the room where the wedding feast will be eaten, so look out for some delicious plates of tasty food!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Week Ending 13th November 2009

We have had another busy week!

Monday: Updating Foundation subject policies

Tuesday: Welcomed two new children

Wednesday: * Remembrance Day
* Arrival of new flat screen television for our hall
* Governor's Meeting

Thursday: Television fitted

Friday: Visit from the new vicar

Our Foundation subject this week has been history. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating old houses. Squirrels made "wattle and daub" mix (shhh.... the ingredients were animal dung(!) / clay / sand / chalk). We also had a new "pupil" called Shaun, who turned out to be a friend of "Wallace and Gromit". He relaxed on a warm, pink electric blanket, as we investigated bed warmers through the ages!

Rabbits went back to Tudor times, and made and tasted pottage and jelly, which they decided was the tastiest food they had consumed! (Sorry all Mums out there, who slave away over home cooked meals.)

Badgers went back to Victorian times, and rearranged the tables in their classroom into formal rows, where they had to sit boy next to girl. They learnt all about how much stricter schools were in those days, and were quite pleased to return to the good old 21st Century at the end of the afternoon!

Next week, there is a "Fashion Show" in our hall on Thursday. Do come along, and treat yourself to a new outfit for Christmas!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Week Ending 6th November 2009

Welcome back everybody!

This week Staff had a morning of "Fire Training", so if anyone saw flames in the playground, don't panic, we efficiently used the hoses and fire blankets!!

On Wednesday we had a Governor visit, focusing on Literacy. The children enjoyed sharing ERR sessions / direct speech / report writing techniques.

Our photographer came to School on Thursday and Friday, so the hall was full of extremely happy faces!

We are beginning to think about Christmas, and our children are already practising songs, in preparation for our whole School visit to St Mary's Church, in December. It should be a very special Christmas evening for all parents and children who join us.

This week we have also been planning the layout for two special flower beds, by the entrance to the Church. Our School is going to plan, plant and persevere with their ongoing maintenance. Watch this space for more details!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Week Ending 23rd October 2009

The last week of this half term has zoomed by:


Year 4 children visited a Middle School in Dunstable

Consultation Evening


Year 4 children visited a Middle School in Leighton Buzzard

"Stepping Out Safely" programme for younger pupils

Sharing Assembly


Disco for all


"Triple" apple tree planted in our Nursery


Daffodil Day - all children took a daffodil home to care for and raise money for charity

Friday, 16 October 2009

Week Ending 16th October 2009

Netball, soccer and tennis have all been enjoyed by some of our children this week. Our new netball court is also well used at lunch times, with enthusiastic participation from all classes.

This week we have been planting our orchard - do enjoy looking at our apple, pear and quince trees by the pond. Children from all classes helped, and were amazed to note that the depth of the holes was greater than the height of a Hedgehog!

Our new games room has been delivered and is about to be built, ready for use next half term. It will be "home" for our large snooker table, and a selection of smaller games.

The foundation subject this week has been design and technology. Rabbits children used a variety of woodwork tools to create something rather special... they loved the new "3D spectacles." Younger children made homes from a selection of boxes and materials. there hasn't been much "room" in Squirrels this week! Hedgehogs has a wonderful aroma, from the lovely lavender branches dangling across the room. A different aroma came from Badgers, due to the fillings from the delicious sandwiches they made.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Week Ending 9th October 2009

On Wednesday our new netball court was christened! The children have grasped the rules easily, and are sharing tremendous enthusiasm for their new sport. Friday is the day for tennis and soccer, which means an active end to the week, for some children.

This week our foundation focus has been history. Younger children have been living in years gone by, working by candlelight, and "beating" the carpets. None were keen to investigate the chamber pots very thoroughly! Rabbits have been learning about historic figures including Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, and Badgers have been learning about Victorian times, writing postcards home as if they were Victorian children, and investigating the designs of William Morris.

The H.S.A. had their Annual General Meeting on Monday, when a new committee was elected. Leaving chair and vice chair had beautiful exotic bouquets, and it was sad to see them depart.

Our orchard will be planted this week, and next week, and will be followed by an official opening ceremony, when plaques will be displayed.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Week Ending 2nd October 2009

Another busy week has flown by. On Wednesday KS2 pupils were coached in netball, and quickly grasped the rules. We are hoping to paint our own netball court on the playground next week - weather permitting!

On Friday, our week ended with "Jeans for Genes Day", when the children wore denim for the day, and contributed to our collection for this worthy cause.

The foundation subject this week has been art. Younger children became Klee and Kandinsky as they investigated circles, spirals and spheres. They studied the inside and outside of fruits and vegetables, and agreed that they liked the smell of the red cabbage best, while the red onion made them tearful! Older children considered emerging forms, and linked their collage and sculpture to their non-fiction literacy theme of "Big Cats". You wouldn't believe what emerged from lions' mouths!!

On Monday we will be holding our A.G.M for the H.S.A. Please come along and give support.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Week Ending 25th September 2009

Another week has flown by! On Tuesday, we had a Sharing Assembly in the hall, when parents celebrated their children's achievements. How many of you noticed our lovely new hall curtains and decorations? Yes they are wonderful!

Our foundation topic this week has been Religious Education. Younger children have been thinking about the topic, "Ourselves", and have made "Feeling Trees". Older children have been studying symbols of faith, looking particularly at the Jewish religion, and have tasted matzvah, which is the unleavened bread eaten during Passover.

Tuesday lunchtime was reserved for orienteering outdoors.

On Wednesday we had a visiting P.E. specialist, who worked with the older children.

We also have weekly visits from musicians, who visit our Nursery and KS2 children, who are having a "brass band" experience.

Our next additions are to be a stage, in the Nursery, where children can perform and entertain audiences. The Nursery children are also going to benefit from a railway station... watch this space for "E.B.L.S. Station news updates!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Week Ending 18th September 2009

Another week has flown by! Our afternoons this week have been dedicated to Science. Younger children have investigated the topic "Ourselves" and enjoyed making "Funnybones" skeletons, and discovering their five senses. Older children studied shadows - explaining why our lovely hall was "blacked out".

On Tuesday we had a special orienteering visitor, who kindly mapped out our grounds, in preparation for our new Orienteering Club, at lunch times. Our new playground markings now boast a large clock and compass. We have a "giant" set of wooden clock hands (on casters, of course, for making the time tick by quickly), which will be used for telling the time activities, when we visit our "Time" topic.

We have also decided to include pear trees in our new orchard, so that our wonderful cook can extend her range of fruity desserts even further. Another project is now in the final stages of planning, as we have been "hatching" final ideas this week, for our chicken coop. Watch this space, for news of the first EBLS egg!

On Friday, the whole School went on a bug hunt in the grounds, and also helped to raise a donation for the Wildlife Trust. Thank you to all who contributed.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Week Ending 11th September 2009


We returned at the end of last week to find that many exciting additions and changes have been made to our wonderful, bustling School. Outdoors, we have a new red "sail" in the Nursery, providing shade and shelter, from the elements. The playground looks very smart, with a range of new playground markings. Indoors, our large Hall has been revamped, with fresh, bright paint and sets of vibrant patchwork curtains. Watch this space for news about EBLS Station, to be situated in the Nursery Playground; chicken run; apple orchard, by our existing allotment.

On Wednesday, we had our first Governors' Meeting of the new academic year, when we welcomed a new Chair of Governors.

This week our foundation topic has been geography. The younger children enjoyed delivering the mail, transported on a big red tricycle. Older children have been investing seasides at home and abroad, and were treated to a tropical fruit meal, when they even tasted dragon fruit - they agreed that they looked more appealing than they tasted!

On Friday, there was a "Bugs Assembly" in the hall, to be followed next week by an outdoor "Bug Hunt".

Friday, 17 July 2009

Week Ending 17th July 2009

We have had a busy week, with:

Monday: Sports Day

Tuesday: Sharing Assembly

Wednesday: School Disco

Thursday: Talent Show

Friday: Games Day
Farewell Assembly

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Week Ending 10th July 2009

"Avast, me hearties!" We all had a wonderful day at the village carnival on Saturday, and our School float, decked out like a pirate ship looked truly splendid. Everything was "ship shape" as we weighed anchor and it was "plain sailing" through Eaton Bray to Edlesborough Village Green where much fun was to be had by all. What a great day!

This week, we held an "Open Evening", when the children showed their work, in a celebration of their great achievements over the past year. Well done everyone!

On Tuesday, there was a "Leavers' Tea and Tour", when our year four children entertained their parents and relations, to a walk down memory lane, with colourful memory books that they had made themselves. They had home made teapot biscuits, chocolate brownies and some yummy farewell sponge cakes. We wish them all the best at their Middle Schools. WE WILL MISS YOU!

On Friday, our younger children released their butterflies. The children dressed in bright colours and some wore butterfly wings. we shared our fruit on the field, as we said our farewells to our precious "fluttering friends."

Friday, 3 July 2009

Week Ending 3rd July 2009

A busy time, as the end of the Summer Term looms closer, to be followed hopefully by a relaxing holiday for all.

This week key stage one children took their bears on a plane journey to Spain, which included flamenco dancing, accompanied by castanets and Spanish guitar, as well as breaks for refreshments at the orange and lemon groves! (Some children said "This is the best orange juice ever!") It was the ideal opportunity to make fans, to combat both the heat here and in Spain!

Older children have been investigating the rain forest, with its many layers, which provided background knowledge for their geography topic.

P.E. activities this week have included swimming, tag rugby, and multi skills.

This week the children have tucked into new potatoes and potato salad, thanks to our crop of "wonders" from our allotment. The children love watering and have been amazed to discover how much water one pumpkin or hanging basket can absorb.

Hope to see you on Saturday at the Village Carnival - do come and wave at EBLS pirates, and support your village, as we do here!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Week Ending 26Th June 2009

Another busy week! Tuesday was a day of adventure for our older children who went to Totternhoe School, for an extra-curricular netball afternoon. On Tuesday morning, we had our last Sharing Assembly for this term and celebrated it with Wallace and Gromit! It was lovely to see so many boys who had been helpful at tidying up, and being pleasant, in general.

Our key stage one pupils played tag rugby, and also had multi-skills and tennis lessons. Swimming for our older children provided a welcome "cooling" lesson in the pool.

In Foundation topic this week, there have been an array of "emerging forms", ranging from butterflies to elephants!

Our allotment lettuces are now providing the basis for School salads, and we await the ripening of our tomatoes. The children's verdict on the cabbages and beans was unanimously "delicious!"

Next week, we are holding a Sponsored Walk, so please sponsor generously. The money will go towards playground markings and games. Plans for both School and Nursery playgrounds are practically complete, and hopefully we will return in September to lots of new treats.

On Saturday 4th July, our School will participate in the Three Villages Carnival procession, and our float pictures etc are almost complete. Do come along and see us in all our splendour - no more can be said, as we aim to surprise you all, on the day.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Week Ending 19th June 2009

This week has seemed extra long, probably due to the fact that last week end was very busy - Summer Fair, on Saturday, and Open Gardens on Sunday! Our Fair was well attended, and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. We were flattered by the lovely positive comments about our grounds and School, and are already considering what our next project will be. Some of the gentlemen visitors wanted to know how our onions and cabbages are so big! Cabbages, beans, herbs and strawberries have been picked, and used in School dinners this week. On Thursday, we had a "lunch for Dads", to celebrate Father's Day.

Tuesday was a busy day, with interviews for two new members of staff in the morning. The afternoon was busy too, involving a dash to "Tiggywinkles" wildlife hospital, with a dehydrated hedgehog found in our grounds. Thanks you to our School secretary, who will keep us updated with the hedgehog's progress.

Our key stage two pupils have participated in netball and swimming this week, whilst our key stage one pupils have experienced ball skills, tennis and tag rugby.

The foundation topics this week have been art or design and technology. Key stage one pupils have investigated natural objects, and went for a "Leaf Walk" which incorporated gathering natural objects on their green leaves. Key stage two pupils have been making gifts for guests at their Tea and Tour afternoon, for Leavers' parents. (TOP SECRET, SO NO MORE DETAILS!)

On Friday we held "Bring A Bear Day", and collected a substantial amount for Charity. Also on Friday, we had a specialist soccer instructor, to give information about possible sessions next term. So all in all, we're "on the ball!"

Friday, 12 June 2009

Week Ending 12th June 2009

On Tuesday, four Parish Councillors visited our School, and had a lengthy tour, encompassing both buildings and grounds. They were impressed by our thriving allotment; newly refurbished pond; bird hide; and wonderful gardens. We have two new additions to our School - Barry and Betty, our sculpture snails, designed and made by Badgers class! If you come along to "Open Gardens", on Sunday 14th June, between 12 o'clock and 5 o'clock, you will be able to meet the snails personally, and experience our immaculate and colourful grounds as you tour our School. We will be serving cream teas too. Look forward to seeing you.

It will be a hectic weekend, as our Summer Fayre is on Saturday 13th June, 12 - 2.30pm. come along and experience fun and games; stalls; tasty lunches and many other attractions.

Year four children had a netball session with a visiting P.E. specialist this week, and on Friday there was tennis for younger children and soccer too - what more could we offer??!!

Our afternoon topic has been science. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been out and about in the grounds (field/gardens/pond/allotment), investigating living things. Rabbits have been looking at the human body, and discovering all about lung capacity by seeing how many breaths it took to blow up a plastic bag! Badgers have been investigating habitats for snails (no, not Barry and Betty!) It's not often that we have had dozens of snails in on e room before, but they enjoyed their brief visit and proved to be very lively!

Remember, please support us this weekend. We always welcome new faces!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Week Ending 5th June 2009

The first week back from half term holiday has zoomed by already. Our key stage two children have been swimming, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. On Wednesday Rabbits Class had session of tag rugby, kindly run by one of our governors. The class photos have been taken, by one of our talented staff, and were able to be taken outside, thanks to the wonderfully hot start to the week.

This week our foundation subject has been history. Younger children have been investigating old toys - one of them was a bear from war time. Older children have gone back to Roman times, and even re-enacted a battle scene, on the field. A Badger surprised us all, when he walked around the School, dressed in full Roman soldier dress!

Our allotment is producing items for the School kitchen already, and so far rhubarb, herbs and strawberries have made their way into our kitchen. Do come along to Eaton Bray Open Gardens on Sunday 14th June, from 12-5.oopm, when our School will be open, and cream teas will be available. It will be a busy weekend, as on the Saturday, 12-2.30pm, we are holding our annual summer fete. There will be lots of stalls, games, barbecue and refreshments, so make a note in your diary - we would be delighted to see you. You will be impressed by our wonderful School, and be able to appreciate how much hard work everyone has put in, over the past year.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Week Ending 22nd May 2009

Half term is here! We have had a busy week preparing items for our School float... the theme will remain a secret! It is suffice to add that lots of paint, glue and glitter has been consumed... and time to say thank you to our very kind patient cleaner, who hoovered up bits of sparkle.

Our School corridor is now resplendent with Woburn Safari Park memories. Don't be alarmed if you spot: monkeys swinging from a rope by Badgers, moving animals by Squirrels and masks by Rabbits.

Hamsters have been investigating the five senses this week; enjoying a listening game, identifying smells such as coffee, curry powder and chocolate, and creating a "feeling" collage with materials of different textures.

The hall was very busy on Tuesday morning, when parents came along to a Sharing Assembly. There were "Bee-Bot" maps; moving animals; pop-up models; Joseph's technicolour coat and "phenomenal phonics".

On Wednesday, our year four children had a session on games with a visiting P.E. consultant.

The gardens are looking good... and we're on a countdown to "Open Garden Day", on June 14th. Please come along and enjoy a cream tea too!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Week Ending 15th May 2009

"Ooh là là!" This week has been French week in Hamsters and Hedgehogs Classes.

Hamsters have enjoyed French food, French stories and songs, and with the help of a parent, have painted a wonderful Eiffel Tower on the playground.

Hedgehogs have had a French Café in their classroom, selling such delights as croissants, baguettes, gateaux and brioches! They have also played "boules" and learned to say their names and their teachers' names in French.

On Thursday, the playground was turned into the map of France, all ready for the "Tour de France!" Hedgehog children brought in bikes and scooters, and had a lovely time pedalling and scooting through the Channel Tunnel, around Paris, down to the Alps, along the Mediterranean coast, across the Pyranees, then back up the Atlantic coast! All in record time of course! C'était fantastique!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Week Ending 8th May 2009

The highlight of our week was a visit from the Fire Brigade on Thursday. Year Two children had a wonderful time using the hose on the fire engine, to "wash down" our parking area. Now, lots of them want to join the fire service!

On Tuesday, our younger children put on fluorescent coats, and practised crossing safely, in the School grounds.

Our older children went to visit a mosque on Tuesday, and returned with a fund of knowledge, and with answers to their question booklets. This was the culmination of their Religious Education topic.

This week Squirrels have been investigating light and dark. They made peep-boxes, for their Squirrel models, and discovered which of the torches gave the brightest light. At the end of the topic, they made shadow puppets, and had a puppet show, using the white board. Rabbits investigated materials, and made a technicolour dream-coat, for Joseph. Badgers have enjoyed a week of planting and growing, and their room is full of "greenery" already - some edible! Hedgehogs have been making French food from salt dough - ready for their French week, next week - and mixing powder paint to make different colours.

Our bird hide has already been used by many children, and our binoculars have been in constant use. The birds seem to be getting braver, and are eating our bird cakes at a great rate. Watch this space for our next project, already in planning stage...

Friday, 1 May 2009

Week Ending 1st May 2009

Another week has gone by, and the highlight was certainly our Cookery Evening on Wednesday. The event was well attended by staff and some parents. Food ranged from wraps and curry to tiramisu and banana cake, all of which was simply delicious. Everyone went home with simple tips on how to enhance food, whilst keeping to a low budget.

Our bird hide is now in full operation, and staff are just getting used to seeing binoculars peer at them, across the playground. The allotment continues to flourish, and there is always a stream of children wanting to weed and water. School's main entrance now has a pair of lovely hanging baskets, which have already been admired by visitors.

Foundation topic this week has been Religious Education. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been thinking of Special Places, and enjoyed looking at whiteboard photos of areas in our village that are considered to be of particular interest. Rabbits have studied Creation Stories from around the World, and thought about how they could protect the planet. Badgers have been looking in depth at aspects of Muslim life. On Tuesday, they are visiting a mosque in Luton, to round off the topic.

Next week, our younger children are going to be "Stepping Out Safely", so look out for lots of fluorescent jackets on Tuesday.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Week Ending 24th April 2009

During the Easter break, our School grounds have been improved even more, and outside Badgers Class, there is now a wonderful "Lollipop" Sculpture Garden, based on Kandinsky. The Library Garden now has a rainbow coloured "hoop" edging, with a gravel garden. Our School cook has already had some rhubarb from the allotment, to pop in a crumble. Inside, in our Nursery, there is now a wonderful sound proofed glass partition upstairs. Downstairs, our Nursery entrance has a magnificent garden mural, based on Hamsters hand prints. The area is also enhanced by a bright blue patio set, where visitors can rest their weary feet!

Rabbits have a new class teacher this term. They have been "Travelling the World" already, as our foundation subject this week has been geography.

Squirrels have been investigating maps and plans, and even designed their "idyllic classroom", which included an ice cream parlour and an aquarium!! "Bee-Bop" (the robot bee) now has a new grid to travel around, designed on the layout of our School, by some year two pupils. They have already shared it with younger children, who have had an exciting time, taking it from one part of our School to another.

Badgers have been studying village settlements, and had to consider the physical and human features of their ideal village.

Hedgehogs have been on safari to Tanzania, and have found out about the different animals and culture.

Next week there is a Cookery Evening in the Hall, hosted by our talented cook. The theme is "Budget Meals" - so come along for a tasty fun evening.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Week Ending 3rd 2009

Woburn Safari Park - whole School trip, Thursday 2nd April