Friday, 7 November 2008

Week Ending 7th November 2008

We have had a busy first week back after half term, showing more prospective parents around our lovely School.

Our focus this week has been Science. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been looking at plants growing in various locations in our School grounds - by the pond / on the field / in our individual gardens and by the Nature Trail. We have had fun discovering the best conditions for growing cress for sandwiches. Badgers have been investigating rocks and soils - our supply of filter papers has decreased dramatically! Strangely enough, no-one seems to want clay soil in their gardens.

The characters for our play - "Mary's Knitting" - have been cast, and costumes are being made. Every child in Foundation and Key Stage One will have a part. we have a sequence with "stars", a chorus of angels, and saluting soldiers on parade, whilst our Eaton Bray sheep provide wool for Mary to knit into a blanket for Baby Jesus.

Our Key Stage Two children are participants in Eaton Bray's Simply Red Choir. Each chorister will be wearing red and white choral outfits, and they sing a selection of songs. A DVD will be available next month. We hope parents and relations will join us for a Choral Evening, with delicious home cooked food and drinks. The children are making their own batik table cloths and candle holders. Hopefully the Hall will look festive!