Friday, 15 July 2016

Week Ending 15th July 2016

The last full week of the school year has been one of fun, outdoor activities and picnics!

Monday was Sports Day for our younger children, with Hamsters' events taking place in the morning.   Parents came to watch their children take part in running, egg and spoon and obstacle races, then took part in races themselves!  Afterwards there was an awards ceremony, with children receiving well deserved medals and applause for their participation.

In the afternoon it was the turn of children in Hedgehogs, Otters and Squirrels.  The children ran sprints and relays with hurdles and obstacles, as well as a distance run around the school grounds.  Our Year 4 Sports Leaders acted as marshals, and were also responsible for awarding trophies to the winning team in each year group.  Despite some ominous looking dark clouds, the weather remained dry and a great time was had by all - participants and spectators!

Back in the classroom, Squirrels Class very cleverly combined History, Science and Design Technology this week, by researching, designing and creating their own Olympic torches that actually lit up!  They used electrical wire to connect a light bulb to a battery, and incorporated this into their creations.  What a wonderful idea!

On Wednesday morning, parents were invited to "Meet the Teacher" which was an opportunity to come in to school and find out all about the class that their child will be moving into in September.  Afterwards, the children spent the morning in their new classroom with their new teacher, which was very exciting for them all!  In the afternoon, Pre-School welcomed the new children that will be starting with them in September - it was lovely to see lots of new faces!

Also on Wednesday afternoon, the Year 5 children celebrated the end of their EBA Enterprise year with a picnic on the field, with a variety of sandwiches that they made themselves, crisps, cakes and juice.  Delicious!

Thursday was very exciting for Hedgehogs children, who enjoyed a lovely trip to Ashridge Forest.  The sun shone as they played football on the wide open space in front of the monument, and ventured through long grass to explore the woodland.  Parents, grandparents and younger siblings were invited to join the children for a picnic at lunchtime, which really made the day feel extra special for everyone.

On Thursday morning, the School Choir entertained the rest of the school with a lovely rendition of some of the songs they have been learning with Mrs Copeland this term.  They sounded wonderful and really seemed to be full of the joy that comes from singing together.

More picnicking on Thursday, this time a special end of term treat for the Hiking Club, who trekked cross country from school to the top of Totternhoe Knolls, to enjoy blue skies, beautiful views across Bedfordshire, and an outdoor feast as a reward for the climb!