Friday, 5 October 2007

Week Ending 5th October 2007

This week, Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been investigating "The Jolly Postman", for geography. On Tuesday, Dave, our local postman, visited, and explained just what his job entailed. He kindly let the children see his van, and his wet weather clothing. Two of our children were unrecognisable, as they put on the rather large outfits! We have an Eaton Bray School post box, which is already full of exciting letters to "The Three Bears".

Rabbits have been on the Island of Struay this week, with Katie Morag, and had to ask our Scottish teacher for a little help with a few strange words!!! (celidah - pronounced "kay-lee").

Badgers have been investigating India, and were surprised to discover that a flight there need not be very expensive.

On Wednesday evening, there was a Full Governors' Meeting in the school hall. The decision was made to commence building our new Nursery. We were pleased to welcome a new governor, and a returning Chair of Governors.

The children and staff were delighted to have a visit from an ex-member of staff, on Thursday.

On Friday, we held "Jeans for Genes" Day, when the children wore denim outfits. We collected over £100 for the association.