Friday, 23 January 2015

Week Ending 23rd January 2015

A very cold week, when the outside world looked white and frosty!  Otters Class have been looking at the weather, and have made a lovely winter collage in seasonal silver, blue and white.

Tuesday was a special day for children in Foxes and Deer class, who welcomed a visitor bearing gifts...  Earlier this school year, Eaton Bray Academy was lucky enough to have the opportunity to form a link with a school in Lesotho in southern Africa.  Our children wrote letters and sent gifts in time for Christmas, which were hand delivered to their new penfriends, and this week our Lesotho delivery lady returned, with hand made cards and presents from across the globe!  She also showed our children a DVD of the Lesotho children celebrating Christmas in their school, and receiving their gifts from England - their delight was very touching, and our children were able to reflect upon how different their own lives are, to the lives of these children in this part of Africa.

PE this week was mostly indoors, and many of the children in Main School had the opportunity to use the new climbing ropes, as well as the other PE apparatus in the hall.  Our PE Coordinator is busily organising track suits for the children to wear for outdoor activities.  Watch this space to see a photo!  No track suit was needed for this week's tournament though - a swimming gala which took place at Dunstable Leisure Centre on Thursday morning.  Our children competed against teams from a number of (much bigger) local schools, and did very well, coming in 4th overall.  Well done team!

On Friday afternoons, our lovely new minibus pops over to Tilsworth golf course, so that children who have chosen golf as this term's "Choice", have the wonderful experience of playing on the golf range.

On Friday morning, we had a lovely surprise, when Mrs Cox, our ukulele teacher from Inspiring Music, arrived with a drum kit for our aspiring musicians to use.  Our year 6 boys in particular were very excited!

Next time a visit to the School Hall is called for, you will see a "touch of warmth", as our display board theme is "Balcony In Havana".  Roll on the summer sun...!!