Friday, 19 January 2018

Week Ending 19th January 2018

We have arranged for two specialist sports teachers to come into school this term, to teach hockey to Years 4 and 5 on a Tuesday, and gymnastics to Years 2 and 3 on a Thursday.  The children are enjoying learning new skills and having the opportunity to take part in even more sports!

This week, Squirrels Class have been finding out about habitats, and learning about how the environment changes with the seasons.  They went on a nature walk around the school grounds to look for places where animals may live, and visited the pond where the only creature in evidence was the resident plastic stork!  The children will return later in the year to see how the area changes once Winter is over and Spring has sprung!

Otters Class children have been very busy and creative this week.  On Monday they learnt to make bread, mixing and kneading the dough in the classroom, then baking it in the oven in the school kitchen.  They then had the chance to taste the lovely fresh loaf, and gave it a big thumbs up!  On Tuesday, they "visited" Africa, and made their own mud huts from clay.  Then on Thursday, as part of their work on the Great Fire of London, the children made lanterns from jam jars, decorated with silhouettes of buildings and wonderful fiery colours.  What a productive week!

In Hedgehogs Class, the children have been enjoying the story of Red Riding Hood, as part of their "Once Upon A Time" topic.  They listened to the story, then had a lovely time acting it out, using masks and props to bring the tale to life.  They then worked on sequencing pictures of the story, before painting their own Red Riding Hood forests.

Our oldest children, in Deer Class enjoyed fresh air and winter sunshine this week, while working on some Active Maths activities.  They took the trundle wheels out onto the school field to make and record some measurements that they will use in their future mathematical investigations.

Badgers have been learning about the food chain in their Science lessons.  They designed and made their own food chains, in the style of a paper chain, which they were then able to use to explain their finding to the rest of the class.

Foxes Class were visited on Wednesday by a Health and Safety expert from the Fire Service, who came in to speak to them about road safety, water safety, and fire safety.  The children were shown a video, and were given lots of useful advice on how to stay safe as they grow older and become more independent.

Their EBA Enterprise project continued this week, and they brought in a variety of different ingredients to make their own bespoke smoothies.  This ranged from apples to carrots, chocolate to lettuce!  Mr Meade, our Site Agent, was nominated to taste and judge the finished products, and he chose as his favourite the winning combination of strawberries and bananas!