Friday, 28 September 2012

Week Ending 28th September 2012

This week, on Monday evening, the AGM of the HSA was held in the School Hall.  Some faithful supporters formed a new committee, and are already planning the Christmas Fayre and treats for the children.  Thank you to those who came along.

Hamsters and Hedgehogs have enjoyed playing in the Autumn leaves, and have made a lovely art display.  Otters have been baking biscuits and learning how to follow recipe instruction.  Squirrels have been "spiralling" and made a window display, based on Bonfire Night, with circles, spirals and spheres.

Rabbits have been studying life in the Indian village of Chembakolli, and made a 3D model of the village, including fields of crops.  Badgers lanterns are lighting up the corridor, amidst a display of Chinese art.

On Friday, we celebrated the works of Roald Dahl, and everyone arrived dressed as a character from one of his many books, or from head to toe in yellow (his favourite colour!)

On Monday, we will be visiting St Mary's Church, to deliver out Harvest gifts, and think of others less fortunate than ourselves.