Friday, 7 October 2011

Week Ending 7th October 2011

Another busy week has flown by! Hamsters are still enjoying their sandpit and having fun in the sun. Hedgehogs "bottle"shelter is ready to be erected, so look out for a strange structure in the grounds.

Otters have been in the swim, and have made a lovely sea collage for the corridor. Squirrels made their own musical instruments, and enjoyed marching round the grounds, blowing, plucking, shaking and beating, as part of "Eaton Bray Academy" Band. Rabbits' focus has been history this week, and they enjoyed designing and then packing their suit cases, from Victorian times. Badgers have been working on adventurous haiku poems, and showed the great talent they have with adventurous language, in just seventeen syllables!

"The sea as dark as black night,
the screeching, seething storm cat
roars madly."

"Dolphins diving in the waves,
having so much fun,
such a lovely sight."

On Friday, we had Jeans for Genes Day, and collected for the charity.

Changes are happening in the kitchen decoration, so if anyone comes along for a delicious Wednesday lunch, after half term, a revamped cooking area will be complete.

Reminder: Consultation Evening - Monday 17th October.