Friday, 22 May 2009

Week Ending 22nd May 2009

Half term is here! We have had a busy week preparing items for our School float... the theme will remain a secret! It is suffice to add that lots of paint, glue and glitter has been consumed... and time to say thank you to our very kind patient cleaner, who hoovered up bits of sparkle.

Our School corridor is now resplendent with Woburn Safari Park memories. Don't be alarmed if you spot: monkeys swinging from a rope by Badgers, moving animals by Squirrels and masks by Rabbits.

Hamsters have been investigating the five senses this week; enjoying a listening game, identifying smells such as coffee, curry powder and chocolate, and creating a "feeling" collage with materials of different textures.

The hall was very busy on Tuesday morning, when parents came along to a Sharing Assembly. There were "Bee-Bot" maps; moving animals; pop-up models; Joseph's technicolour coat and "phenomenal phonics".

On Wednesday, our year four children had a session on games with a visiting P.E. consultant.

The gardens are looking good... and we're on a countdown to "Open Garden Day", on June 14th. Please come along and enjoy a cream tea too!