Friday, 11 January 2019

Week Ending 11th January 2019

Welcome to the new term at Eaton Bray Academy!

We started the new year with a fantastic fun "Freedom Friday", where the children came into school dressed in their favourite outdoor activity clothes, for a day of sport, games and enrichment learning.  There was all sorts going on throughout the school, both indoors and outside, with the children working together in mixed age groups and moving round to different activities throughout the day.

Amongst the activities on offer was: Forest School, Outdoor Masterchef, Mini Scarecrows, Computer Programming, Spanish, Lego Boats and much more.  It was a chilly day, but the children wrapped up warm, and the most popular activities proved to be the outdoor ones - cooking pizza on a wood fired oven, and collecting tree clippings and leaves to make a bonfire in the Forest School area.

It was a lovely day, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and a great way to start the Spring term.




It's been a very busy first week at school this week!  On Wednesday, Otters were visited by Explore Learning, an educational centre based in Dunstable, who came in to run a "Flipped Fairytales" English workshop.  The children were given the task of rewriting the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and had lots of fun doing so! 


Thursday was a very special day; we held a Science Day, based on the books by Roald Dahl.  This was planned and organised by the Science Ambassors for the whole school to take part in, and each Key Stage had a different text to focus their science investigations around, as follows:

Early Years - George's Marvellous Medicine.  This included creating cabbage water, observing how it changed over time, then creating different shades of colours by adding either alkalis or acids. 

Key Stage One - Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  This involved various experiments with sweets, changing their shape or size by placing them in different liquids, or making patterns from different sweets, adding water and watching the colours run as the sugar dissolved.  Year Two children also made some lovely scented playdough, and Year Ones enjoyed building chocolate factories from cocktail sticks!

Lower Key Stage Two - James and the Giant Peach.  Year Three children investigated the various insects that featured in the story, and created "food chains" using this information.  They also made parachutes that would safely carry a peach to the ground.  Year Four children meanwhile investigated how to preserve fruit.

Upper Key Stage Two - The Twits.  Year Six children looked into how to create glue, using a variety of scientific processes.  The aim was to produce a glue that might be strong enough to glue furniture to the ceiling!  The Year Fives investigated science in cookery, looking at why jelly sets hard, and why pasta changes in consistency when it's cooked.


 Also on Thursday, Badgers Class children had a tag rugby session provided by specialist coaches from Triline Sports.  They learnt all sorts of new skills and really enjoyed their energetic afternoon on the school field!


And one final visitor that we've enjoyed seeing at school this week... Mr Fox who has called round a few times to see what's been going on!  (Lucky we don't still have chickens!)