Friday, 20 September 2013

Week Ending 20th September 2013

Another busy week has flown by! Our School is becoming brighter each day, as more display boards are completed on our topic of "Transport". Have you spotted our time-line of vehicles through the century, compiled by Badgers and Foxes?

Otters have been busily painting large vehicles for their "Otter Road", and even had fun, when tidying up, forming an "Apron Train!" Squirrels have been travelling to the Isle of Struay with Katie Morag (from the books by Mairi Hedderwick), and enjoying plotting routes for her with the Bee-Bots!

Rabbits were outdoors this week, travelling on foot, to find three-dimensional shapes around the grounds. Hedgehogs and Hamsters are settling in well, and are planning to decorate our newly painted external doors with...? (Watch this space for the answer!)

Choices this week included another visit from the Birds of Bray, and another group of lucky children had their chance to hold an owl (wearing a thick leather gauntlet of course!)

On Thursday evening the School was open for talks about English and Maths, in the various key stages. Everyone who came seemed to welcome the information, so that children can be helped and encouraged at home too.

Have you noticed how well our fruit trees are producing apples and pears? Looking forward to lots of fruity crumbles for lunch.

Next Wednesday will be the first Sharing Assembly of the year.