Friday, 27 September 2019

Week Ending 27th September 2019

For Year Five children, this week was Bikeability week. They all brought their bikes and cycle helmets into school on Monday morning for a week of cycle and road safety training. The first day's instruction took place on the school playground, and later in the week, the children all ventured out onto the roads around the village, putting into practice all that they had learnt.


The weather throughout the week has been very changeable, with heavy rain interspersed with warm sunshine. However the rain didn't prevent our enjoyment of our Alternative Sports Day on Wednesday, which was organised and run by the Dunstable School Games team, who also provided all the equipment.

The children in Main School all enjoyed traditional sports and games such as tennis, rugby, football, dance, as well as some exciting new activities including boxing, boccia and "Human Hungry Hippos!" But the main attraction by far was the very exciting inflatable assault course, which was enjoyed by all.

This was a non-competitive day, with the focus being on the enjoyment of physical activities and working as a team. In the words of the children: "Today is about having fun" and "It's not about winning, it's about co-operating."





Badgers Class children enjoyed a wonderful practical Science session this week. They were exploring changes states of matter with Mr Bannister, and watched fascinated as he demonstrated the properties of gases and liquids by igniting gas trapped inside soap bubbles. The fact that the soap bubbles were on Mrs McLaurie's hands, giving her "hands of fire" just added to the excitement for the children - definitely an experiment that they will remember!


Did anyone spot the EBA display at St Mary's Church Flower Festival at the weekend? Our beautiful paper flower display was cleverly recycled from the decorations made by the children for the carnival float last term, rearranged onto ribbon covered hoops. They looked magnificent!