Friday, 12 October 2012

Week Ending 12th October 2012

Another busy week has passed by, with only a couple more until half term.  Consultation Evenings were held on Tuesday and Wednesday, when parents could see how busy their children have already been this term.

Younger children have been decorating the library with Roald Dahl characters, so look out for Willy Wonka and the B.F.G. - thank you Otters and Squirrels.  Rabbits celebrated National Poetry Day, with a set of lessons on calligrams (shape poems)... suddenly there seemed to be lots of poetical spiders around!  Older children have been allocated parts for our Christmas pantomime, and rehearsals will be underway soon.

Rabbit and Badgers children have been busily compiling business plans, and are soon to present their ideas to a "Dragon's Den" panel... good luck!

Our four hens are laying lots of eggs, and are very good natured and amenable.  Their favourite pastime, at the moment, seems to be sitting on top of their coop, being noisy and watching the children at play!